Ducati general manager: Someone who is not afraid of Marc Marquez is just crazy


Ducati general manager: Someone who is not afraid of Marc Marquez is just crazy

In an interview with Marca, Ducati general manager Dall'Igna talked about the potential chance of Marc Marquez becoming part of his team: “Even in moments of difficulty for each other, we have known how to help each other and find a solution.

That's why I think it would be difficult. But, in life you never know. The same with Honda - if they offer [Bagnaia] a figure that for us is unaffordable, what do I do?”- he said, as quoted by crash.net Marc Marquez is a driver that everyone is afraid of and who has given many people fear with his performances.

"Marc Marquez is always scary,” Dall’Igna said. “How can I say that Marc Marquez is not scary? Marquez has shown to be someone who has the determination, the strength, a driving style that should scare you.

Someone who is not afraid of Marc Marquez is just crazy. It's not that I'm saying that Marc doesn't scare us, but I'm saying that we have a rider who, if he gets rid of [errors], can make a difference like Marquez did”.

Francesco Bagnaia

Francesco Bagnaia is currently one of the best drivers in Moto GP. Although it is sometimes difficult to predict how an athlete's career will develop, this time his team did a great thing. “No, it wasn't so clear.

When someone invests in young people, it is never clear because with young people you know that they are good, that they have talent, but then anything can happen. In addition, MotoGP is a very difficult category, very complicated.

But I have to say that with Pecco we made the right choice. I chose Pecco because he did two years in Moto3 with a bike that was not competitive and won races. I like those riders, who do not complain, who always try to take home results regardless of whether they have the best or the worst bike.

For me, that's one of the characteristics that champions have to have, which I also saw in Jorge Lorenzo and other riders who, later, left their mark. I always say it, that's when I knew Pecco could do great things. I say that Pecco is someone who can make history, really, because just think about how the 2022 championship went: he comes out of two or three mistakes and could have won it well in advance.

That's why I say that Pecco is not far away, fine-tuning any little thing here and there to become, truly ... He is already a multi-winner, because he already wins races in a row, but if he gets rid of some small imperfections he can make a difference in an incredible way”.

Marc Marquez