Alex Marquez: Marc Marquez is the main favorite for the title

"Marc as a rider, we know that he's the best on the grid"

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Marquez: Marc Marquez is the main favorite for the title

Alex Marquez, the brother of the popular Marc Marquez, talked about the favorites for the 2023 season. Alex believes that there are many quality riders on the Moto GP roster, but he still believes that his brother, Marc, is the main favorite for the title.

“When you start a season you are equal with everybody. It doesn't matter the name, doesn't matter the bike, everybody starts from zero,” said Alex, as quoted by “It's true that Ducati is coming from a really good year, Honda [from] a struggling year.

They had a lot of problems last year and I suffered with those problems! But as I said, we start the new season with everybody equal. . It’s like this and he's the guy with more world championships in the pocket. So for sure, I think he will be the favourite this year.

I see him training a lot. I'm not feeling better or worse than him [now I have a Ducati]… I’m just trying to improve and learn some things from him, because he's my brother."


Alex will compete for Ducati this year.

He trains hard and uses every day to learn something new. And his brother is of great help to him. “Training has been like every year,” he said. “For sure I tried personally to improve some things that I had in mind, also after I tried the [Ducati] in Valencia.

I know which area I need to work a little bit on but the work and the atmosphere training with my brother is always the same. We are professionals. We know that we need to separate the things on track, but also I have the best reference for me to train.

That is Marc. He’s really fast always; on motocross, on flat track, on karting. So we always enjoy that training and this will not change. We're professional and the info on MotoGP we will not share for sure, but outside we are brothers and we share our training like we have all our life”.

Going from Honda to Ducati will mean an adjustment. It will take some time to get used to the new club and the bike. “[Ducati and Honda are] very different bikes and what I didn't expect was to be already, in the first run, in the same lap times like Honda or even faster with a medium rear time,” Marquez said.

“I was not feeling really good on the bike because the position and all this was really different compared to the Honda. So I was not riding with a lot of confidence, but the lap times were coming from the first run and this is a really great sign for me.
When you are not feeling good, but the lap times are coming is something great.

I was feeling really easy with the engine, the power delivery and all this. Still I rode for another manufacturer for three years and I have some things on my riding style that I will need to change, but this is normal. I will need to learn different things compared with riders that have been on the bike for some years and also just copy some things [from them].

So it will be a really interesting pre-season for me to try to adapt and be ready for the first race in Portimao”.

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