Keith Huewen: Miguel Oliveira on the Aprilia could be the shock of 2023

“I think [Oliveira] is going to have a brilliant year"

by Sead Dedovic
Keith Huewen: Miguel Oliveira on the Aprilia could be the shock of 2023

In an interview with, Keith Huewen talked about predictions for the next season. Huewen surprised many with his predictions and believes that Miguel Oliveira and his team will be a big surprise next season. “Aprilia have a motorbike that is really only second to Ducati at the moment for performance.

They’ve got four bikes on the grid for this year, so they can have all the data they need. And the big deal for me is the man that really shook everybody up at the Valencia test; Miguel Oliveira. The first time he got out on the bike, he was right up there.

Miguel Oliveira on the Aprilia could be the shock of 2023."- Huewen said, as quoted by Oliveira is in the satellite team. Huewen believes that this will not be an obstacle. “I think [Oliveira] is going to have a brilliant year.

He's in a satellite team, but I don't think the difference between full factory and satellite is that great anymore. Where it's going to be more difficult for satellite teams is perhaps the Sprint races, because they have less personnel to react and set-up the bikes quickly.

But satellite teams [like RNF] are quite often using bikes from last year, which means they've got all the data already. So they’ll have a default setting to use straight away from FP1”.

Keith Huewen talks about the next season

Huewen answered the reporter's question about 'the 3 things he is most looking forward to next season'; "Well, for me Aprilia.

I can't believe I'm saying that because I think Aprilia dropped the ball a couple of years ago. They kept on promising they were going to have a faster bike and never seemed to quite get there. Then all of a sudden they hired Rivola, the Formula One guy, and I remember thinking at the time, ‘What? Really?’ But it worked!

Bearing in mind they are a small factory, it was sort of herculean what they’ve done. Aprilia always had a great reputation from a racing point of view but funding, although it's owned by a massive group, has been an issue in the past. I think if they manage to keep the momentum going from 2022, Ducati have got to watch out”.