MotoGP star Aleix Espargaro reveals when he'll retire

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MotoGP star Aleix Espargaro reveals when he'll retire

Aleix Espargaro is the oldest rider in Moto GP. Many think that Espargaro can break Valentino Rossi's record for seasons in Moto GP. However, Espargaro has no such ambitions and believes that he will not compete after 2024. Due to the current calendar and schedule, Espargaro does not feel that he can meet all the expectations that he has for the future.

"Right now I don't see myself in MotoGP beyond 2024," Espargaro told "What Valentino did [Rossi rode in the premier class until he was 42] is great, but I don't think I'll have the strength to do it.

Let's see how I feel then in 2024. However, I think that with the current calendars and the introduction of sprint races, it will be difficult to ride past the age of 35. This is mainly for mental reasons. For example, the 2023 calendars are crazy, especially the last part of the season.

We're going to be spending a lot of time away from home and when you're under 25, it's anything but easy."

Aleix Espargaro

Espargaro tries his best to adhere to all rules and regulations and wants to be disciplined as well.

When you're 34 years old, it is especially difficult for you to compete at the top level when it comes to sports. Due to this, Aleix gives his best every single day; however, sometimes it can be exhausting as well. "Of course, MotoGP is also very physically demanding, but as a professional you have to be in good shape.

Athletics used to not really be relevant in our sport, but now we're physically at an extremely high level and we're all very careful about what we do eat, how we train and how we regenerate." There is also a chance that Espargaro will change his plans, but for now it doesn't look like a realistic option.