Reactions of Moto GP riders to Marc Marquez's 4th operation


Reactions of Moto GP riders to Marc Marquez's 4th operation
Reactions of Moto GP riders to Marc Marquez's 4th operation

Mugello was an opportunity for the Moto GP drivers to pay tribute to Marc Marquez who will undergo a fourth operation. The Spaniard is happy about that, and also aware that after the surgery you cannot know what will happen.

“That was a really nice and emotional lap, because you feel the respect of most of the riders and this was great,” Marquez said, as quoted by “We all know the risks we are taking when we ride bikes.

And with any operation, but especially if it's the fourth time, you never know what the outcome will be. To some opponents, maybe you don't wish the best [results] but you would never wish for an injury. Because an injury means not only your professional life changes, but also your personal life.

With some riders you already [have] respect because you have a good relationship, but from some others [the Mugello slowdown lap] was a surprise”.

Fabio Quartaro

Fabio Quartararo is one of the most talented bikers in Moto GP.

He is ready to support Marquez no matter what decisions he makes. The Frenchman showed once again that in addition to being a great rider, he is also a great man.
“Whatever he feels is the best choice, I will support him, because the last two years were a really tough situation for him,” Quartararo said.

Espargaro believes that Marquez has endured too much in the last few years. The Spaniard showed that he is mentally strong. He never wants to give up and is ready to fight until the very end. Truly, an example to others. “I feel very sad for Marc.

I just came from his motorhome. I feel very bad, personally. I mean, he’s the strongest one here psychologically but there is a limit [for everyone]. It’s unbelievable. Crazy. I’m very sorry for him."

Marc Marquez