Marc Marquez: My arm will never be normal


Marc Marquez: My arm will never be normal
Marc Marquez: My arm will never be normal

Marc Marquez has had many problems with injuries for several years. He is back after hand surgery, but it seems that the Spaniard is not optimistic. "Of course, many times you think a lot of things about your arm," he said, as quoted by

"And many times, it's difficult to realise sometimes or admit that you have this injury. But, in the end you must say, 'OK, this is what I have' It's true that I had the fourth surgery, it's true that an arm that has been opened four times will never be a normal arm, because you have some limitations.

But then you need to accept those limitations, try to compensate with your body, with different things. I'm not thinking a lot about it, just I'm thinking more how to improve, about how to manage it, how to adapt."

Marc Marquez and his decisions

Marquez explained his decision to opt for a fourth operation.

It's not easy to make certain career decisions, but sometimes it's the only thing left. Marquez is still a great driver and we have no doubts that he did well.
"For me, looking at this season, the sentence is this: I chose the correct decision, because one option was to finish the season and let's see," he said.

"But now, thinking that it could have been Valencia and then an operation and then a full winter with recovery, I was not ready to do it – on the mental side also. So, I chose the correct option to take the operation, to break my arm again and put it straight.

For the future, we will see if I have enough power, enough strength, enough possibilities to fight for the championship. Life is better, coming in a normal way." Marc Marquez has shown his quality many times. There remains hope that he will be as good as before.

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