MotoGP chief Carmelo Ezpeleta: That F1 is popular helps us a lot

"My opinion is the popularity is going in waves"-Ezpeleta said

by Sead Dedovic
MotoGP chief Carmelo Ezpeleta: That F1 is popular helps us a lot

MotoGP chief Carmelo Ezpeleta made a comparison between F1 and Moto GP. Ezpeleta emphasized that the popularity of F1 can help Moto GP. At the moment, F1 has a lot of popularity, while Moto GP has a small decline. "At the show level, F1 is number one in the motorsport spectrum," Ezpeleta said for

"Our obligation is to gain popularity, but without F1 being the reference. That F1 is popular helps us a lot. It is true that they have grown a lot lately, and I don't think it is exclusively due to Drive to Survive, although it has clearly helped.

My opinion is the popularity is going in waves. Recently, F1 was in trouble and we were the best of the best. What you have to try is to focus on yours and work to the best of your ability."

Carmelo Ezpeleta on sprint races: Incorporated into all the races

Sprint races were also one of the topics.

Moto GP will have sprint races in all races from 2023. Sprint races are something that fans love the most, so we'll see how it all turns out. "From the first moment we were clear that they should be incorporated into all the races," he explained.

"If your reason for it being [introduced] is to give a boost to the activity on Saturdays, you have to standardise it. In addition, this new format has another effect, on Sunday. With the disappearance of the Moto2 and Moto3 warm-ups, and the reduction of the MotoGP warm-up, a window opens in which more promotional activities can be carried out with the riders.

Both on circuits and on television. This initiative has been received with great enthusiasm by local promoters and operators, and what you cannot do is offer it to some great prizes and not to others." F1 and Moto GP could make even greater progress with joint effort and work.

F1 has been experiencing great growth and popularity for several years now. Moto GP has to make some moves if they want to attract attention again.