Alex Albon: I think it's been my strongest year

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Alex Albon: I think it's been my strongest year

Alex Albon had a good season at Williams. Albon is satisfied with the season and believes that he has achieved the greatest progress so far. "I think it's been a tricky one in some respects," said Albon, as quoted by

"I feel like personally speaking, it's been a very positive year. I think it's been my strongest year in F1. I haven't done many years, but out of the three, it's my strongest one. And I feel like I've developed as a driver, which is really the main thing.

And I feel like, with the experience that I've learned over the last few years, I've been able to apply it in the right ways. And I feel like I've got the most from it. I think it's hard, because at the end of the day I think it's hard for [outsiders] to judge how it's gone.

But personally speaking behind the wheel it feels very positive."

Alex Albon on confidence

Alex believes that self-confidence is the most important thing for a driver, which he obviously didn't have before. "I believe so.

I believe that the main thing is just the confidence with the car, more than anything it's the driving confidence, I feel like I've got that back, which is the most important because obviously, you've got to drive quickly.

I feel like this year I've been on top of the car, I feel like I've been able to push it to the limit. And that was something which I struggled a bit with in 2020, just starting to lose that authority on the car, and being able to get what I want out of it." Of course, the car is one of the main factors of success.

Albon was satisfied with what he had, and he confirmed it on the tracks. "I was a little bit reactive in that sense in 2020, just kind of letting the car do its thing and then reacting to that. Whereas this year, I just feel like I was able to put the car where I want it.

And not to say that it's more stable, because it isn't, it's less stable. But yeah, truthfully speaking it felt like, soon as I first drove it, I straightaway felt good in it. And it's just built from there. And each race has gone by I feel like I have more confidence. And of course the good results helped."