Cal Crutchlow on the 'difficulties' of being a Yamaha test rider

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Cal Crutchlow on the 'difficulties' of being a Yamaha test rider
Cal Crutchlow on the 'difficulties' of being a Yamaha test rider (Provided by Sport World News)

Cal Crutchlow is the new test rider at Yamaha. Crutchlow is aware of the seriousness of his role and wants to give his best. What Cal did not expect was that this role would be so difficult. “I have 27 staff come to a test, it’s a full effort.

It's an important role. It's quite a difficult role. I didn't think it'd be as difficult as what it is from a standpoint of I can still ride the bike, I'm still fast, I'm still able to do my job very well. And I've always had a very good ability to be able to feel something very fast.

You know what I used to take a lot of the other orders a full day, I could have told them the same thing really in a very short space of time and that's why I believe why Yamaha selected me as a test rider."- Cal Crutchlow said, as quoted by

Cal Crutchlow

Crutchlow wants to help his colleagues and that is his primary goal. “The problem with that was I was never fast enough to be right in front of it all the time in MotoGP, but that's the way it works.

These guys that are at the front, a lot of the time they don't care, they just want to go as fast as possible. So, it makes it difficult because I want to make it better for the guys I'm working with, and you have this sense of satisfaction when they do well, like last year, Fabio [Quartararo] winning the title, but he won the title on a bike that was not the best out there." However, he believes that engineers must do their part in the right way if they want things to be better.

“But it also makes the job difficult because if the bike is not getting any better, then there's nothing I can do because it's the engineers that have to bring the parts and you have to evaluate it. But they [the riders] get through the same selection as what I do. It's just they have to do it in a session”.