Brad Binder on KTM and impressions after the season


Brad Binder on KTM and impressions after the season

Brad Binder commented on KTM and their future. He seems optimistic about them. “I like to think it’s just a matter of time,” Binder said to “Honestly, KTM has the resources, they have everything we need.

Clearly, they’re as frustrated as all of us when we are not getting the results on Sundays. It’s clear what we need to improve, we know what we need to work on for next season. The guys have really pinpointed what we need to improve on and what direction we need to work in, whereas in the past we would be just throwing parts at the bike all the time and hoping something would work." They want to make great progress.

“Now, everything we try is a lot more pinpointed to an issue and we really see if it’s working or if it’s not. I think the way we have been working this season has really steered us in a direction that we can now say ‘ok, this is what we need to do to start to improve’”.

Binder on the season

After all was said and done, he finished this season as the sixth-best driver. There is some disappointment, but he will have a chance to change things if he chooses to do so. As far as he is concerned, they deserve much better than that.

There will be a need for him to confirm that on the track. “I feel like I’m ready to do good things,” he said. “I feel like I found the point where I can finish races and I know I can be strong in races.

I understand the class, the tyres more than I did last year for instance. “Together with KTM we’re looking for that final step to try to fight for something better, because sixth is not terrible but it’s not where we want to be. I believe we are [better than sixth]”.