Marc Marquez: We must be careful, we must not be like F1

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Marc Marquez: We must be careful, we must not be like F1

In an interview with Autosport, Marc Marquez talked about the competitiveness within Moto GP. Marquez is disappointed as he believes the bike plays a more important role than the rider. "The guys at the top are always the fastest guys,"-Marquez said, as quoted by "It's true that now, or by the years, every time the machine I feel is [becoming] more important than the rider.

Still the rider is more important than the machine – or this is what I want to believe. But, every time you are depending more on what you have, because if you don't have a [competitive] bike you can't do anything. It's not like Formula 1, which is another extreme, but we are going in that way, and we need to be careful.

And I said already in some safety commissions that 'guys, we need to be careful because in the end we need to keep it that the riders are more important than the bikes' This is one thing, but with the actual bikes the fastest guys are on are the ones that are in the top; those are [Enea] Bastianini, Pecco [Bagnaia], [Fabio] Quartararo, Aleix [Espargaro] this year.

And we will see if in the future we can fight with them." Marquez recalled the time when he arrived in Moto GP, and compared it to today's time. "The thing is now is everything is more equal, because the limit is the bike," he added.

"It's true that in the past between official bike and satellite bike, the difference was bigger. Now there's no difference. The satellite teams have official bikes. So, they have the tools. But what happened, and you will understand immediately? Before I arrived in MotoGP, when you put fourth gear on a straight, you were not at full torque, because you were playing with the wheelie, with the rear brake, with the torque, with the body position.

Marc Marquez on Moto GP

However, now there are many things that are not to his taste. Many expect Marquez to be his old self again. "Now, you go out and already in second gear and third gear with the holeshot [device], with the aerodynamics, you have full torque and you are [tucked] in like [you are on] a Moto3 bike.

So, the bikes are less manual. Before it was more manual, and you had to play with more things. So, for that reason everything is more equal now because if it's more manual then you will do more mistakes and it's more difficult to take profit of all the bike. If the limit is there [it's easier]."