Ducati boss on Bastianini and Bagnaia partnership

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Ducati boss on Bastianini and Bagnaia partnership

Ducati showed how serious a team they are this season after Francesco Bagania won the world title. What is worrying, however, are the accusations that Ducati ordered Gresini's Enea Bastianini not to overtake Bagnai in Malaysia.

Ducati boss Paolo Ciabatti commented on the situation: "Obviously this year in a few situations [there were nerves], because we knew Pecco was trying to do the impossible to come from minus 91 to close the gap on Fabio," Ciabatti said, as quoted by motorsport.com "We were quite nervous in some situations, in Misano and Aragon, and to be totally honest in Sepang.

Sepang was a little bit different because we were seeing [Marco] Bezzecchi was closing the gap on Quartararo and if Bezzecchi would be third with Pecco winning we would be world champion. So, we were discussing what to do if Bezzecchi was third.

But then Bezzecchi came to 0.8s [to Quartararo] and he started losing, so we said 'OK, we'll let it go' Maybe we were too fair on Ducati's side to let it go [between Bagnaia and Bastianini in Sepang]. But anyway, I think we showed that all the bullshit about team orders was bullshit, because if there were team orders Jack [Miller] would not be second in Thailand and Bastianini would not win in Aragon, or will not try to pass Pecco on the finish line in Misano, or even try to challenge him in Sepang."

Bastianini and Bagnaia

Bastianini will join Bagania and their partnership will look interesting.

"Some people might think we will have a difficult situation to manage next year," he added.
"I think it's a luxury to have in your team the world champion and the third-classified [in the standings], and one won four races and the other seven.

Between the two of them they won more than 50% of grands prix. I think it's a nice problem to manage. I think, I hope, we have the tools to manage the situation where they will be fair competitiveness between the two competitors in the same garage." The Ducati will look great and are already causing fear to many, given that two top riders will be on the roster.

"But, I don't ask teammates to be friends, and Pecco/Jack situation I don't think can be repeated. It's one of those special relationships that is coming out of the character of the two riders, and Jack was already there when Pecco was a rookie.

So, I think he helped him, and he's a nice guy. Next year we will have two riders who want to win the world championship. I think we will manage the situation."