Franco Morbidelli angry at Moto GP stewards

"Every time they make a decision, like yesterday, then there is no real conversation possible with the protagonists of the incident."

by Sead Dedovic
Franco Morbidelli angry at Moto GP stewards

Franco Morbidelli is not satisfied with the decision of the Moto GP steward in Malaysia after the penalty. “I hope this overtake will be shown a lot on social media and on television, to show that the race directors made a mistake with that decision,” he said for “They are human beings, they can make mistakes.

But it will be important to discuss how people decide on things like this. We need to sit together and discuss how we are judged in the future. There is something that doesn't really work. I think it's time to have a conversation about it and have an open conversation about it.

Every time they make a decision, like yesterday, then there is no real conversation possible with the protagonists of the incident. There is no conversation between the media and the stewards. I believe these people are under enormous pressure, they are overwhelmed by this pressure, reactions on social media and on television."


Morbidelli believes that a certain balance should be made and that things are not fair.

“That's how the world works at the moment, but I feel that the people who are supposed to judge us, protect us and protect the public with keeping the show alive, I don't think the balance is right. It needs to be talked about, it needs to be talked about to correct these kinds of issues.

There should be a mechanism where the balance is ensured between show and safety. If I cannot overtake in the penultimate corner where there is so much space, and have a bike I cannot overtake with on straights, what should I do? Keep riding behind? I think we have to look at the current way of working”.

Aleix Espargaro, on the other hand, believes that Morbidelli should be punished even more. “I don’t know what this guy is doing this year, I don’t understand,” Espargaro said talking about his clash with Morbidelli.

“He’s here or his head is on another planet. They give him almost every GP some sanctions, but he keeps doing stupid things. He hit me two times in Thailand, we were in 11th and I didn’t understand. Today he hit me super hard, I don’t why I didn’t crash – for 10th place.

They give them three seconds, which I think is good because they gave me back one important point. But I think they need to start him last or from the pitlane, they keep giving him some sanctions but he doesn’t improve. It’s crazy”.