Francesco Bagnaia: "If I start thinking about the pressure, I will put pressure on.."

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Francesco Bagnaia: "If I start thinking about the pressure, I will put pressure on.."

Ducati's Francesco Bagnaia does not want to worry too much about the potential chance for the title in Malaysia and is focused on the present moment and how to give the maximum, “For sure it will be very important,” he said of next week’s Malaysian GP for

“But I will just try to do the same as we did from the summer break. “Just thinking session by session, doing a good job and being prepared for the race and then see if it will be possible to be crowned there.

“But just be smart, take care about everything because it will be important to finish the race and be in front. “Sincerely, if I start thinking about the pressure, I will put pressure on myself. “So, I will not think about it.

I will just be calm and do the weekend like we always do in the past in this championship. So, being smart will be the key for sure”.
Philipp Island race He also recalled the Phillip Island race and his goals in the race
“My objective today was to win to be more in front in the championship,” Bagnaia added.

“When I was leading I saw that Fabio was out on my pit board. “So, I just tried to be smart and to push because when I was in front I just tried to push for a few laps. “But then I saw my rear tyre started to drop a bit more, so it was very difficult to make a gap today.

“Then on the last lap when they both overtook me at Turn 2, I said ‘Ok, if I will see a possibility I will take it, but I don’t want to take any risks’ because it was very easy to commit a mistake today”.

Jack Miller and accident

Jack Miller experienced an accident at Phillip Island, and commented on the situation afterwards: "Not the day I had planned, but it is what it is," he said. "I was mid-corner, about to release the brakes and get on the gas, and I got a front wheel to the middle of my spine.

"Not much I could really do about that. One minute I was looking at the back of [Marco] Bezzecchi's bike, the next minute I was seeing stars. "I got pretty winded. I feel alright, just a bit bruised." "What's there to have hard feelings about? At the end of the day, we're all out there trying our best," he said.

"I understand he might have got a little bit carried away trying to get past Marini, but we've all made mistakes. He's as devastated as I am not to finish the race. "But of course, my first home grand prix after three years... it's not the way I wanted to finish it."