Marc Marquez: I took more time than what I expected to recover

As you say, the forecast looks really unstable," Marquez added

by Sead Dedovic
Marc Marquez: I took more time than what I expected to recover

Marc Marquez is back in MOTO GP after an injury and surgery on his hand. He also revealed how he felt after the first race. "It's true that in the Motegi GP the weather helped us, in the way that on the Saturday we didn't stress the body so much," Marquez said.

And this I felt. And during the weekend I took more time than what I expected to recover, because on Monday I felt OK but on Tuesday I got up and my arm was completely stiff. It took time [to recover] but today I started to feel better, so tomorrow it will not be a problem."- he said, as quoted by Forecasts Track and weather conditions play an important role.

"As you say, the forecast looks really unstable," Marquez added. "When it's wet conditions everything is opened. "It's true that about physical condition, it's less demanding. The weak points of the bike you don't feel a lot.

But it's related about your feeling. "In Motegi I started FP2 in wet conditions, I came back to the box and said 'don't touch anything' "The feeling was good. So, it's related about the grip on track, the amount of water on track.

So, we will see. We will try to work well but [will keep] a low profile."

Marquez and Motegi

Marquez revealed a few days ago that he was happy with his performance in Motegi. “I’m really happy, because it was a solid race,” Marquez said.

“It was a consistent race, and the most important thing is I didn’t feel pain during the race. “I felt like the arm was lazy, I feel tired in the end, but I don’t feel pain. “For me, this is the most important thing and it was for that reason I could attack Oliveira in the last laps.

“It was a long time ago that I didn’t have that feeling to attack someone in the last laps, because there was pain and then it was difficult to keep the concentration in the past. “But today I didn’t feel pain, I just felt tired.

Everything was under control”.
“Of course, the confidence comes higher and higher,” Marquez added. “But we need to calm down a bit because, as I said on Friday, we are affected less by the weak points of our bike at this circuit.

“So, for this reason I was able to be fast from FP1 because we rode exactly with the same bike more or less as in Aragon."

Marc Marquez