Iker Lecuona: I am frustrated, we need to solve this problem

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Iker Lecuona: I am frustrated, we need to solve this problem

Iker Lecuona is not satisfied after the race in Barcelona. He failed to take advantage of the pole position, and the biggest reason is tire longevity issues. In an interview with motorsport.com, Lecuona talked about the problems he faced.

“In the middle part of the race I felt good, I felt consistent, I went with the hard tyre, I was managing the grip well, honestly,” he said. “But in the end we had the same problem as always, that in the last laps we struggled a lot.

In the last five laps I lost the podium, I couldn’t do anything, I didn’t have any tyre [left] for this battle. I destroyed the front, I destroyed the rear, so I could not fight. I am frustrated, we need to solve this problem because every race it happens the same.

For me it’s the worst feeling”.

Iker Lecuona and next races

Lecuona is frustrated with what happened to him and believes that it is much more than he can do. The bike was not in line with what he expected and could not be competent.

However, he has to come to terms with the fact that things like this are completely normal and prepare for the next challenges that await him. They will have the opportunity to improve the situation and work on the problems.

Lecuona is a quality driver and is in a quality team. Fight, and team spirit must win in these moments. “In the Superpole race, I was up to the front in the first lap but then as I went to pass Locatelli through turn 10, I lost the front and crashed,” reflected Lecuona.

“It was a bit unexpected, honestly, and of course I want to apologise to Andrea because he ran into the gravel and it was my fault. We modified something on the bike for Race 2 but I realised right from the first braking point into corner one that we were going to struggle all the way, so I did my best, made a few passes and then tried to stay with Xavi, trying to conserve the tyres.

It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t perfectly comfortable with the braking and had to manage a big drop on tyre performance towards the end, but I did all I could to finish the race as well as possible. We will concentrate our work on this area as we prepare for the next races”.