Cal Crutchlow isn't happy with Yamaha bike

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Cal Crutchlow isn't happy with Yamaha bike

Yamaha test rider Cal Crutchlow is not happy with the bike. Cal does not feel comfortable and it is obvious that some things are missing. “I honestly believe testing, everything, I could be half a second faster on this bike.

I’m not comfortable on the Yamaha,” Crutchlow said, as quoted by “I cannot get comfortable, I cannot find the right position for me on the bike. We’re like that at every test. We’re trying to move things… Dovi was exactly the same.

“When I got on the bike after riding the Honda for so long, I just thought it’s because [of that]. “But I can’t find a comfortable position. Either the handlebars are too far away, or they’re too close, when you brake you’re too far forward, but on acceleration you’re too far away.

“I’ve never, ever done one lap where I’m comfortable on the bike, and I think being comfortable on a motorbike is the first thing you need to be before you can start to do anything. “So, I know my limitations on the bike.

Fabio is in a great position on the bike with the way he feels. “He doesn’t really want to change anything. I believe the ergonomics of the bike, also the shape of the bike, but Fabio is quite happy with the way everything feels.

So why would they change it?”


It's not easy for them. “We’re struggling a little bit to turn the bike, which is a bit of a characteristic of the bike, especially here,” Crutchlow added. “We do a lot more metres than what [other bikes do].

“From the outside everyone looks at the Yamaha and thinks it turns fantastic. And it does, normally. “It’s a good turning bike, but here for some reason it’s just a bogey track with the amount of metres we do around the track.

Crtuchlow again emphasized the struggle he and his team have. “I don’t know [why]. I’ve done some laps around here, especially last year, you can change the bike in many ways and you do the same metres and you struggle to turn, especially in the last corner.

“And on the straight you lose a little bit, so that’s why I say Fabio is doing a great job. To be up there is not easy because he’s got a double hindrance I believe at this track. But mentally he’s so strong.