Fabio Quartaro: I am happy with Yamaha's first 2023 engine prototype

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Fabio Quartaro: I am happy with Yamaha's first 2023 engine prototype

Fabio Quartararo seems happy with Yamaha's first 2023 engine prototype. This season was not easy for him but he still managed to be good. The question is how he will manage next season, but considering the new engine, he could continue with his dominance.

Happy we got confirmed the engine was a big improvement," Quartararo said for motorsport.com "This morning I took a good slipstream behind Franco [Morbidelli] and top speed was really good. "I'm really happy, we work on the electronics this morning because the character of the engine is slightly different.

"Now it's difficult to know something. I made a 1m31.3s with a tyre of 26 laps, at the end you can put a new tyre and you don't even feel it. "But really happy, for the first test with a prototype I've made a really good pace and it looks good.

298km/h was on the slipstream, but the average we did over the day was also good.

Fabio Quartaro on the progress

He is happy that they have made progress in terms of speed. "298 was not every lap, but if you check the average it is good.

The wind was also changing. Looking at the others it is great to see our top speed is increasing quite a lot from this year." I will not say no if they have margin to improve," he said. "It is quite nice because it's only September and there's still a few months before pre-season tests and Portimao." There will be a lot more testing, but he is happy with what he could see.

Quartaro is an optimist, just like the whole team. They are aware of the kind of driver they have, and they know that his satisfaction is important for the continuation of the season. It will be interesting to follow the competition next season, but let's wait until the end of this current one.

"We have still Valencia, we don't know where we go for the winter test but normally Sepang and Portimao. "We will still have tests to do and hopefully more top speed [to find]. The character changed a bit but I'm not lost. "Of course, we still need to work a little bit more on the first part of acceleration.

"The bike is a bit more lazy than aggressive, this is the thing we worked on this morning. This afternoon we will do aerodynamics, we'll focus on this setting."