Honda team boss: It's not like 'win or you're all f***ed

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Honda team boss: It's not like 'win or you're all f***ed

Honda World Superbike team boss Leon Camier believes that Honda will need a long time to start with the expected results. It's been a long time since they haven't won (6 years), but they work hard as a team to reach the goal.

"I think they realise how hard it is to succeed in this championship," Camier told "Within the rules as well, it's not [like] MotoGP where you're free to do things. You have to follow the rules, that means you have to look outside the box [for] how to fix things, how to try and improve things, and this is something also with a manufacturer is not really quick to move like this.

"We know that manufacturers are never really super-fast to make changes but also they have a very methodical approach, and this is also working in the long run of where we want to arrive to. "The pressure is not big. Of course our goal is to win as soon as possible, this is absolutely clear, but it's not like 'win or you're all f***ed'

It's not like this."

Honda's ambitions

Honda has always been an ambitious team with huge talents. And this time they have young, promising drivers who will need time to show their full potential. The ambitions of the team will remain the same, and the desire for progress is there.

That's the most important thing right now. "Our position with our bike right now is top six, top five, top four, we are in that area," said Camier. "For sure the gap to the first three is still there for sure, we can see this.

But we have to try and make the difference now to bridge this gap. From where we were last year, to go straight there is never going to happen. There are too many little details now, the level is so high with the manufacturers that it takes time to bridge the gap.

It's not like, 'if we fix one thing on the bike we go faster', it's not working like this. So we need time and keep working like we are and we will keep making improvements for sure. Also these young riders need time to learn.

With two young riders we expected this situation; everything is new to them, they need time to learn the tracks, learn the bike. We can only support them as much as we can. We expect it to be difficult."