Fabio Quartaro disappointed: I’m starting to have much less fun than before

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Fabio Quartaro disappointed: I’m starting to have much less fun than before
Fabio Quartaro disappointed: I’m starting to have much less fun than before (Provided by Sport World News)

Fabio Quartaro is disappointed after qualifying for the San Marino GP. The Frenchman finished eighth, which is far from his capabilities. Weather conditions were a big obstacle for him, but also for others. In addition, lack of speed was a big problem, and the Frenchman emphasized that he loses the 'fun' factor during the race.

“It’s the maximum I could do, but I am disappointed,” Quartararo said for motorsport.com “In this condition, some corners I could not go on the kerb, like Turn 6. “I could not really carry speed like we have to do with the Yamaha and we don’t have any acceleration [to compensate].

Basically Turns 6 to 7 was not great, Turn 15 I had to use less corner speed because we could not really use the kerbs. I’m disappointed but it’s always the same problem. I’m starting to have much less fun than before, so we have to find a solution to qualify faster”.

The San Marino track is somewhat complicated and there are not many opportunities for overtaking. The French just highlighted that problem. However, he has prepared tactics that will lead to a positive result. He is aware that it will not be easy, but Quartaro can do a lot.

“That’s the problem, where can I overtake?” he said “It’s a track where there’s a lot of acceleration and braking. If I am getting close I cannot make any overtakes, so of course in Austria I could overtake but the risk I’m taking in any overtake is so much.

I will have to make a great start, great first lap and play a lot in the first four corners”.

Francesco Bagnaia

Francesco Bagnaia was amazing in the qualifications. The Frenchman praised his result. However, he is frustrated with the bike and that they don't have enough potential to fight with the 'bigger' names at the moment.

As we have already said, the weather conditions were very bad, so that also played a role. “In the end he made an incredible qualifying, but in the end it’s disappointing that we are fighting always with the same guys,” he added.

They are fast, I think their bike is the reference right now. But of course it’s tough because I give my 100%, I did my best, but it’s only P8. It’s only three tenths [off pole] but it’s P8. So, it’s really disappointing but in normal conditions I know my pace is good”.