Aleix Espargaro on the battle with Fabio Quartaro: “He’s still the idol of my kid”


Aleix Espargaro on the battle with Fabio Quartaro: “He’s still the idol of my kid”
Aleix Espargaro on the battle with Fabio Quartaro: “He’s still the idol of my kid”

Aprilia's Aleix Espargaro found himself in the race for the title this year, although few expected such a thing. A big fight awaits him with Fabio Quartaro, who has experience in these situations even though he is quite young.

However, Espargaro does not think that the race for the title should damage the relationship between him and Quartaro. Both are good friends and have a great affection for each other. What is interesting is that Espargaro's son is a big fan of Fabio Quartaro.

He’s still the idol of my kid,” Espargaro said at the Red Bull Ring on Thursday ahead of the Austrian GP, as quoted by motorsport. “I’ve said many times, Fabio is a nice guy, and many times from outside of us from the press it looks like you guys don’t like that we are fighting for the world championship and we have a good relationship.

And I don’t really understand this.

We clashed already once in Assen, and I’m sure we will clash again during the next races
. Racing is racing. If we know how far we can go to respect one another, this is racing.

We both want to win, but Fabio is a very nice guy. He lives beside my house and always when he passes my house he stops, and I hope he can continue stopping on the next years to say hello. But what happens on track stays on track”.

Fabio Quartaro on Aleix Espargaro

Quartaro confirmed Espargaro's words. Fabio believes that everyone has the same goal, which is to win. That's what everyone in Moto GP has in common. The fact that they want to win doesn't change the relationship the two have outside of racing.

“I think when we are both racing there is a lot of respect. But he wants to win, I want to win. Everyone here wants to win. So, I think it’s not changing anything. But we all have a clear goal, and that is to win.

So, at the end I think that thing is the most important. But our relationship outside of racing is the same, it will not change”. The race for the title will be interesting until the very end. Fabio Quartaro remains the favorite, but Espargaro is motivated and could spoil things for the Frenchman.

There are still a few races left that will determine the absolute ruler of this year. Will Quartaro be able to repeat the same success?

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