Aaron Judge comments on being Yankees leader

Judge is the unofficial captain of the Yankees.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Judge comments on being Yankees leader

Aaron Judge is one of the most beloved New York Yankees players among team fans and he also enjoys a strong reputation within the team's locker room. With the departures of CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, the Yankees needed a new leader and Judge perfectly fits that role.

“I’m just doing what needs to be done, at the right time,” Judge told The Post. “Stepping up and saying things that need to be said. I think it’s just doing the right thing at all times. And sometimes people may not like what’s right, but as a leader you gotta sometimes stand up and take some bullets and sometimes stand up for the team and do things like that”.

Judge striving to be the best leader he can be

“It’s a little different. I got a better view of the TVs, so I like that. It’s a pretty important locker in this clubhouse and getting a chance to be over here with some guys, a good friend of mine G [Giancarlo Stanton], it’s pretty cool," Judge added.

“So I’m just trying to be the same leader they were”. According to Joey Gallo, being a leader is natural for Judge. “I think it’s just a natural leadership style,” Gallo told The Post.

“It’s not forced. He works harder than just about anybody, if not harder than anybody on the team. And sometimes I think with leaders they might not do that. I wasn’t sure how he’d be coming over here, I knew him a little bit, but I’ve been blown away by the way that he carries himself, the way he talks to the media, talks to the fans and the way he plays the game.

He puts a lot of work into it and he cares a lot. Couldn’t ask for a better leader for a team”. Judge has a good relationship with pretty much every Yankees player but he is not afraid to step up and say some things that sometimes need to be said.

“Obviously he’s led by example ’cause he’s one of the best players in the league. But he’s also one of the few guys I’ve played with that’s not afraid to speak up when things need to be said whether guys want to hear it or not.

I think that’s what separates him. It’s not easy to do for a guy like that. He cares about the team more than himself and that rubs off on everyone”.