MLB will also have its bubbles and wait for the crowd!

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MLB will also have its bubbles and wait for the crowd!

The 2020 MLB playoffs will be played in four selected venues: San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Arlington. The 2020 World Series is possible with the crowd present at a reduced capacity. The regular season MLB proceeds quickly towards a post season never seen before.

There will be a new 16-team format and the playoffs will be played from the second round in pre-established locations to avoid travel and contagion. All closed between the hotel and the playing field for 5 weeks with strict rules to authorize the entry of some family members.

Baseball has overturned its traditions to react to the impact that Covid-19 has had on all America's diamonds. It is a season reduced to 60 games, with teams attacked by collective infections that have forced above all Miami and S.

Louis to long breaks and a calendar with double comparisons to recovered. 16 teams will qualify for the playoffs, 8 in the American League and 8 in the National League, with seeding very similar to that of other leagues such as the NBA or NHL.

The first round will be played from 29 September, the Wild Card Series, and it will be terrible: it will be played at the best of three games, whoever loses two is already out. Ruthless, not to miss a tradition of the MLB playoffs that after a very long season usually concentrate all the emotions of the final month in a few games.

Series almost impossible to predict, no team will have an easy time. Just lose the first game, where you played your best pitcher, and your back is against the wall. The predictions on the eve of this complicated 2020 have found the utmost respect in the role of favorites by the Los Angeles Dodgers, rulers both on the mound and in the batting box.

The only team that really lacks nothing to win, other than to prove that they can win even when it really matters.

MLB World Series with the crowd?

American League favorites, the New York Yankees, however, soon discovered a good reason why sometimes you can't win: injuries.

They too have everything to triumph on the card, too bad that the card has become that of the team doctor who had to certify the health problems that occurred repeatedly to their stars. After a crisis that had put them even in eighth place in the league, at risk of qualifying for the playoffs, they put things right by putting the players back on the pitch and regaining confidence with their historically best weapon: the home run.

Thus the American League opened up to the news, with Tampa Bay long in the lead, with the very talented Chicago White Sox even able to finish in first place and with the possibility of reaching the World Series well in advance of the established schedules.

The eight that will go to the playoffs will then be completed with Oakland, Yankees, Minnesota, Cleveland, Toronto and Houston but with an exasperated fight to earn places in the seeding. The situation in the National is even more complicated.

Not for the Dodgers who are already mathematically qualified and will have no problems with them San Diego, Atlanta and Chicago Cubs. Then it will be a battle until the last day to stay between eight or miss the opportunity to make the extended playoffs this season.

From the second round, baseball will close in its bubble, a choice that was not possible in the regular season, difficult to find structures capable of hosting 30 teams and with many fields available. But the Division Series will only play in Los Angeles, San Diego, Arlington and Houston, and in the Championship Series there will remain two fields (San Diego and Arlington, the new Texas Rangers ballpark).

No team will actually play at home because in San Diego and Los Angeles, for example, there will only be teams from the American League, where Padres and Dodgers, National League teams, do not play. And so it will be in Arlington which will host teams from the National League through to the Championship Series.

The final will have a single venue, Arlington (Texas) in late October. No team will be at home as Rangers will not qualify for these playoffs. The last time all final games were played on one court was in 1944 when St. Louis was the home ground of both finalists, Cardinals and Browns.

Then, in all the history of the World Series, only in 1921 and 1922 did the same situation happen, as the Polo Grounds in New York was the home of the Yankees and Giants. the big news could be the presence of fans in the stands.

The MLB will try, hoping to bring in 25% of the maximum available capacity. It would be the right side for baseball at a time when the news is not just in the format or in the rules.