Dodgers and White Sox won, Giants lost!


Dodgers and White Sox won, Giants lost!
Dodgers and White Sox won, Giants lost!

With the MLB World Series upon us, the regular season the American and National Leagues is nearing its end, with the franchises still striving for major results. In the last day match, Los Angeles Dodgers beat Colorado Rockies 5-7, Cleveland Indians was defeated by Chicago White Sox 2-7.

San Diego Padres defeated the San Francisco Giants 7-6 as the match between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox ended 5-3. Results: Cleveland Indians-Chicago White Sox 5-3
Cincinnati Reds-Washington Nationals 2-3
Baltimore Orioles-Texas Rangers 3-0
Philadelphia Phillies-Pittsburgh Pirates 12-6
Minnesota Twins-Toronto Blue Jays 7-2
Los Angeles Angels-Houston Astros 3-2
Milwaukee Brewers-St.

Louis Cardinals 5-8
Colorado Rockies-Los Angeles Dodgers 5-7
Oakland Athletics-Seattle Mariners 5-6
Arizona Diamondbacks-Atlanta Braves 6-4
San Diego Padres-San Francisco Giants 7-6

Federica Pellegrini: "I'm not afraid to say stop"

Federica Pellegrini talked about her about her next goodbye to swimming during an episode of the Italian television program Verissimo.

She said: "I am getting closer to the idea that there is no more swimming in my life, but I am not afraid. The changes for me have always been positive energy. It has been a beautiful journey, made of ups and downs. I enjoyed it.

It was a positive release after a difficult year. Now is the time to turn the page. My new love? We didn't want gossip to enter our world of workouts and fast paces. We tried to keep the figures separate. He suffered with it. me and has always supported me.

If he had not been there I would have stopped swimming many years ago. He gave me the strength to believe more in myself. Matteo the right man? Matteo is the best person I know. We athletes are often seen as robots who never make mistakes and are prepared for everything, but that's not true.

The Olympics brings a very high level of psychophysical stress that not everyone can handle. Panic attacks? I have kept them under control, even if they never completely pass . You learn to live with them and fight them, but they are always there.

Until the Olympics there was an absolute veto for various reasons, but now I think it's the right time even if I don't plan anything."

Dodgers White Sox Giants

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