MLB: we start on July 23 with Nationals vs Yankees!

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MLB: we start on July 23 with Nationals vs Yankees!

Nationals, winners of last year's World Series, will begin the unusual Major Leagie Baseball regular season 2020 in short version. According to the schedule, presented last night, the reigning Nats champions will host the Yankees in Washington on July 23th, the day in which the series between Dodgers and Giants will also open in Los Angeles.

The next day there will be the other matches that will kick off this strange season, compromised but not stopped by the Coronavirus. At first glance, the already announced preference for the challenges between geographically close teams appears clear.

After the Opening Night, the 60 games of the regular season will take place, consisting of 40 matches between teams of the same Division and 20 Interleague challenges against teams of the corresponding Division (East against East, Central against Central and West against West).

The Divisional Games will consist of 10 matches for each team (series of 3) according to the scheme that foresees 6 home games and 4 away games, or 7 home games and 3 away games. The Interleague challenges will see 6 games against the natural rival (for example the city challenges Yankees-Mets or Cubs-White Sox), divided into two series of 3 to be played equally at home and away, and 4 matches each against other two opponents of the corresponding Division, also distributed equally with 2 internal and as many external challenges.

The series will end between franchises of different leagues, a home game of 3 games against a fourth team and an away game of 3 games against the fifth and last opponent.

Regular season and commemorative dates

Each club will have six days off, except for the 4 teams that start the season on July 23th which will have seven.

The regular season will end on September 27th, while the pattern of the post-seasons which will be entered by 10 teams and which will open with the challenge between the first two classified of the wild-card remains unchanged.

The commemorative dates of the championship will be reserved, and so on August 13th the Field of Dreams will be held: the game, which will be played in Iowa, will see the White Sox opposed to the St. Louis Cardinals on a new baseball field this year construction near the site where the famous film The Man of Dreams was shot, surrounded by cornfields.

On August 16th, the Major League will honor the 100th anniversary of the Negro League, while Jackie Robinson Day, which is traditionally celebrated on April 15th, when each player wears the number 42 shirt, has been rescheduled for August 28th.

The date of August 28 it was chosen because it marks the anniversary of the 1963 march on Washington in which Robinson also participated. Finally on September 9th the Roberto Clemente Day.