Traps for Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants, both defeated


Traps for Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants, both defeated
Traps for Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants, both defeated

MLB World Series 2021 are upon us: there are only two weeks left to the highly anticipated baseball event, the most important competition in the world of this sport, and, with the most important franchises already certain of qualification from the American and National Leagues, there are some surprises.

The two team leaders of the two leagues, Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants were both defeated. Toronto Blue Jays beat Tampa Bay Rays 6-3 while San Francisco Giants is defeated by San Diego Padres 6-9. Results: New York Mets-St.

Louis Cardinals 4-11
Atlanta Braves-Colorado Rockies 2-3
Minnesota Twins-Cleveland Indians 3-12
Texas Rangers-Houston Astros 2-7
Chicago White Sox-Los Angeles Angels 2-3
Kansas City Royals-Oakland Athletics 10-12
San Francisco Giants-San Diego Padres 6-9
Los Angeles Dodgers-Arizona Diamondbacks 5-3
Washington Nationals-Miami Marlins 6-8
Detroit Tigers-Milwaukee Brewers 4-1
Toronto Blue Jays-Tampa Bay Rays 6-3
Seattle Mariners-Boston Red Sox 4-9
Pittsburgh Pirates-Cincinnati Reds 5-4
Baltimore Orioles-New York Yankees 3-4
Philadelphia Phillies-Chicago Cubs 6-5

Drew McIntyre: "I want to face Roman Reigns again!"

One of the wrestlers who drove WWE around this time is former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The Scottish Psychopath had some extraordinary months and dragged the company into a difficult time, all fans fondly remember the WWE Survivor Series challenge between McIntyre and Roman Reigns, the true ruler of WWE right now.

Through the microphones of Real Radio 92.1 Drew McIntyre spoke about many issues and had words of great praise for the Tribal Chief. Here are the statements of the former WWE Champion: "I think a new fight against Roman Reigns would be great.

He is on top of the world right now and is doing an incredible job at WWE, probably the best of his career. We faced each other at the Survivor Series and we built this match in less than a week, so many people were close to us to make it happen.

Roman and I have always had great chemistry in the past where he was the Face and I was the Heel. Now I'm playing a version that is more like myself as he is playing the best version possible and I think there is a great connection between us.

Even when we challenged each other without the crowd, I saw that we were very well together and so I can only imagine what match we could stage in the event of our meeting with the presence of the WWE Universe." For Drew McIntyre it is not an extraordinary period in terms of results.

After having definitively lost the storyline and the challenge for the title against Bobby Lashley, the wrestler in the last episode of Monday Night Raw was the protagonist in a Triple Threat Match valid for the Us Champion title against Sheamus and against the current champion Damian Priest and it was the latter who pinned him with a terrible Reckoning.

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