Houston Astros leads the American League again!

Resounding comeback against the Boston Red Sox in the MLB season 2021

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Houston Astros leads the American League again!

In the last daymatch of the MLB season 2021, the complete Houston Astros returned to command the American League, overcoming the Boston Red Sox at the end of a fantastic comeback, built in the last three day matches. Astros leads thanks to the third consecutive success, obtained against San Francisco Giants.

At the same time, Boston loses against Tampa Bay Rays for the third consecutive match. Milwaukee Brewers to third consecutive victory, against Atlanta, and overtaking the Los Angeles Dodgers in second place in the National League (after the defeat against Diamondbacks).

Results: Tampa Bay Rays-Boston Red Sox 7-3
Atlanta Braves-Milwaukee Brewers 5-9
Texas Rangers-Seattle Mariners 5-9
Chicago White Sox-Cleveland Indians 6-4
St. Louis Cardinals-Minnesota Twins 5-1
Los Angeles Angels-Oakland Athletics 0-2
Arizona Diamondbacks-Los Angeles Dodgers 6-5
San Francisco Giants-Houston Astros 6-9
San Diego Padres-Colorado Rockies 4-9
Pittsburgh Pirates-Philadelphia Phillies 7-0
Washington Nationals-Chicago Cubs 4-3
Toronto Blue Jays-Kansas City Royals 6-4
Detroit Tigers-Baltimore Orioles 3-4
Miami Marlins-New York Yankees 1-3
New York Mets-Cincinnati Reds 2-6

Last day matches results:

San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0
Pittsburgh Pirates-Milwaukee Brewers 0-12
Boston Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays 1-13
Detroit Tigers-Baltimore Orioles 6-2
Los Angeles Angels-Oakland Athletics 0-4
San Diego Padres-Colorado Rockies 3-0
Philadelphia Phillies-Washington Nationals 1-3
New York Mets-Atlanta Braves 3-6
Tampa Bay Rays-New York Yankees 14-0
Kansas City Royals-Chicago White Sox 5-0
Chicago Cubs-Cincinnati Reds 4-7
Philadelphia Phillies-Washington Nationals 11-8 Tampa Bay Rays-New York Yankees 1-3
New York Mets-Atlanta Braves 2-1
Boston Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays 4-1
Texas Rangers-Arizona Diamodbacks 2-3
Chicago Cubs-Cincinnati Reds 2-8
Kansas City Royals-Chicago White Sox 3-2
Los Angeles Angels-Colorado Rockies 8-7
San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers 0-8
Minnesota Twins-Detroit Tigers 14-17
Cleveland Indians-St.

Louis Cardinals 7-2
Boston Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays 1-4
Seattle Mariners-Houston Astros 4-11
San Diego Padres-Oakland Athletics 4-10
Pittsburgh Pirates-Milwaukee Brewers 3-7
Baltimore Orioles-Miami Marlins 8-7

All Star Game 2021

The team formed bay the best playerd of the American League won the 2021 MLB All Star Game.

After a year of forced interruption due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the championship has observed a pause to make room for the Midsummer Classic. The match of the Coors Field Stadium in Denver, ended with a score of 5-2.

There was expectation for the confrontation between home run leader Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels and home idol Trevor Story, after Ohtani was disappointed with the outcome of the Home Run Derby, won by Pete Alonso, first base of the New York Mets.

First player in history to be called up to the All Star Game as pitcher and designated hitter, by decision of American League manager Kevin Cash, this time Ohtani has not betrayed expectations by making two shutouts in the first two innings, fundamental for success American League final.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr, author of a home run measured in just over 142 meters. The third baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays was elected MVP of the match, thus becoming the youngest player in history to be able to boast this title.

The challenge between the American and National League best players had the same outcome that has been recorded since 2013 and in general almost continuously since 1988, if it is true that for the last 33 years the players of the National managed to win only for two three years.

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