Astros in crisis! Red Sox and White Sox lead the American League!


Astros in crisis! Red Sox and White Sox lead the American League!
Astros in crisis! Red Sox and White Sox lead the American League!

In the last day match of MLB season 2021, Boston defeated 6-2, against Kansas City Royals. For Kansas this is the seventh consecutive defeat, a fundamental victory also for the Chicago White Sox, who beat the Minnesota Twins 13-3.

Red Sox and White Sox now lead the American League: this also for the deep cridi of the Houston Astros. Houston is now in third place in the American league after fourth consecutive loss, once again to Baltimore Orioles In the other matches, important victories came for Oakland Athletics against Texas Rangers, for Seattle Mariners who defeated Toronto Blue Jays away after an extra inning, and for Los Angeles Angles, victorious away against New York Yankees.

Results: Boston Red Sox-Kansas City Royals 6-2
Cincinnati Reds-San Diego Padres 5-7
Cleveland Indians-Detroit Tigers 1-7
Atlanta Braves-New York Mets 20-2
Chicago White Sox-Minnesota Twins 13-3
Houston Astros-Baltimore Orioles 2-5
Oakland Athletics-Texas Rangers 3-1
New York Yankees-Los Angeles Angels 8-11
Philadelphia Phillies-Miami Marlins 6-11
Toronto Blue Jays-Seattle Mariners 7-9

Visuomotor predictors of batting performance in baseball players

The 91st MLB All-Star Game will take place on July 13 at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

The regular season will be followed by the 2021 World Series, scheduled between October 26 and November 3. 2021 Major League Baseball season will open on April 1 and end on October 3, 2021. Due to travel restrictions on the US-Canada borders, the Toronto Blue Jays will play their first games of the season at the TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida.

Most franchises have announced limited stadium opening to the public; on March 11, the Texas Rangers announced the complete opening of Globe Life Field providing for the maintenance of the distance between spectators and the obligation to wear masks.

When two teams face each other twice on the same day, seven innings will be played instead of the usual nine. For innings after the ninth, the offensive team will have a player on second base at the start of each half inning.

It will be the last season that the Cleveland team will play under the Indians moniker, after years of name controversy. On February 9, the MLB, in agreement with the MLBPA, announced changes to the rules that will be introduced this season.

The Journal of vision published a very interesting article, conducted in 2021, about baseball, titled Visuomotor predictors of batting performance in baseball players, which provides information on this interesting correlation between baseball and health.

Below you can read an abstract: "Hitting a baseball, one of the most difficult skills in all of sports, requires complex hand-eye coordination, but its link with basic visuomotor capabilities remains largely unknown. Here we examined basic visuomotor skills of baseball players and demographically matched nonathletes by measuring their ocular-tracking and manual-control performance.

We further investigated how these two capabilities relate to batting performance in baseball players. Compared to nonathletes, baseball players showed better ocular-tracking and manual-control capabilities, which remain unchanged with increasing baseball experience.

Both, however, become more correlated with batting accuracy with increasing experience. Ocular-tracking performance is predictive of batting skill, accounting for ≥ 70% of the variance in batting performance across players with ≥ 10 years of experience.

A simple linear additive-noise cascade model with shared front-end visual noise that limits batting performance can explain many of our results. Our findings show that fundamental visuomotor capabilities can predict the complex, learned skill of baseball batting."

Red Sox White Sox Kansas City Royals

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