Luis Robert: On his career and love for baseball

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Luis Robert: On his career and love for baseball

Luis Robert Rookie’s potential this season at MLB spoke to ESPN about his career Asked about his love of baseball, he replied: "Since I was little, I used to play around the neighborhood with my friends. We used to play baseball in the rodeo grounds.

That's how it started. But my first sport was basketball. I played basketball when I was little. You play a lot of sports when you're a kid, and I had the talent to play basketball. So when I left to play baseball, coaches started fighting for me, "No, he's going to play basketball.

No, he's going to play baseball." , as quoted by ESPN Obviously, it's difficult because of the situation in Cuba, but was there an NBA player or team that you liked? I really didn't. As you said, it's hard in Cuba because we never get to watch NBA games.

But you heard nothing except Jordan, Jordan, Jordan ... Were you always an outfielder? When I started as a kid, I always played shortstop. I liked it there. I always had good range. I had good hands, but it was a bit tricky for me to throw in the infield.

So I already had the size and the speed, and they decided to try me out in the outfield. When they saw me running, and that I caught every ball, they left me there. In Cuba, we play what is called provincial baseball, which are the tournaments played between municipalities.

After that, you move on to play in a national tournament, which is between the different provinces in Cuba. So in the provincials, I played shortstop, and then when I went to the national tournament, I played outfield.

Prepare during the hiatus

How did you prepare during the hiatus? I have a hitting cage at home [in Tampa, Florida], but I didn't have a gym.

So I worked out in the garage. I have an exercise bench and some weights, and I would do stairs and things like that. I didn't do many workouts because when they opened the gym back up, you couldn't really go because of the coronavirus.

But in terms of hitting, I tried to stay sharp using the cage at home. I have a tee, and I also have a friend, Ariel Ricardo, who would throw BP. He was a pitcher in Cuba and played in the National Series for four years.