Oakland beats Toronto and confirms the leadership

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Oakland beats Toronto and confirms the leadership

In the last day-match of Major League Baseball happened a lot of things: Oakland beats Toronto Blue Jays and confirms the leadership in the MLB 2021 season. Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox return to success after the defeats of the penultimate day-match.

Giants again defeated, as did City Royals at home to the Indians. For the team managed by Mike Matheny it is the third consecutive defeat. Wins came for Cleveland and Mariners, who beat Baltimore. Milwaukee still in crisis: the team also lost against Philadelphia, for what is the third consecutive defeat Results: Minnesota Twins-Texas Rangers 3-6
Kansas City Royals-Cleveland Indians 3-7
Colorado Rockies-San Francisco Giants 8-6
Los Angeles Angels-Tampa Bay Rays 3-8
Oakland Athletics-Toronto Blue Jays 4-1
San Diego Padres-Pittsburgh Pirates 1-2
Seattle Mariners-Baltimore Orioles 5-2
Cincinnati Reds-Chicago White Sox 0-9
Miami Marlins-Arizona Diamondbacks 9-3
New York Yankees-Houston Astros 7-3
Philadelphia Phillies-Milwaukee Brewers 6-5
Washington Nationals-Atlanta Braves 1-6
Boston Red Sox-Detroit Tigers 11-7
Chicago Cubs-Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3

Roberto Alomar kicked out of MLB and Toronto for...

Roberto Alomar kicked out of MLB and Toronto: the baseball player went from the Hall of Fame to sexual assault allegations.

MLB canceled his contract, declaring him ineligible for all roles for conduct that emerged at the beginning of this year and dating back to 2014. Alomar also lost his special assistant job for the Toronto Blue Jays and a poster of him was removed from Rogers Center.

Alomar said on Twitter he was disappointed, surprised and shocked by the MLB decision. He wrote: "With the current social climate, I understand why Major League Baseball made this decision. My hope is that you can defend me against this accusation in the appropriate forums.

I will continue to devote my time to helping children support their dreams of becoming baseball champions." Jane Forbes Clark, president of the Hall of Fame, said the body was surprised and saddened by Alomar's behavior, but that he will not be removed from the Temple, which he entered in 2011 thanks to the votes of the voters at the time.

Alomar has been an All-Star 12 times in 17 seasons with the San Diego Padres, Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks.