New York and Washington in a new challenge

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New York and Washington in a new challenge

On Thursday 13 August, one week later, the New York Mets and the defending champions Washington Nationals will come back to challenge each other, this time on reversed bases. On Saturday 15 August, the New York Yankees will face Boston.

On Sunday 16 August San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics in another highly anticipated match. This is the schedule for this weekend for Major League Baseball, a somewhat atypical season for what is happening due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Ryan Christenson accused after the Nazi salute and Marlins troubles

The Oakland Athletics bench coach is at the center of controveries: Ryan Christenson apologized for raising his arm outstretched during Thursday's post-game celebration, when many thought he was making the Nazi salute."

I'm not absolutely racist," said the coach who made the gesture while greeting Liam Hendriks at the end of the 6-4 of the Californians against the Texas Rangers. After the Marlins, who with 17 positive players at Covid-19 have been stopped at least until next week, and the Phillies, who having faced them as a precaution also had to postpone (or cancel) the matches that they should have played in these days, now another piece falls, the St.

Louis Cardinals, also with positive buffer players. The Major League Baseball season is increasingly dangerous, because just after Marlins and Phillies, the Cardinals must cancel the challenge with Milwaukee for two pitchers affected by the virus.

The commissioner is clear: "Either the contagion is better contained or we will have to stop the championship." Positives at Covid-19 between Miami Marlins players and staff reaches 17 people and the Major League Baseball notes that there is a team that cannot compete in these conditions.

All Marlins matches until Sunday are postponed. In the hope that a week will be enough to regroup, bring in some players or find replacements. Consequently, the schedule of four other teams also changes: New York Yankees, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Nationals Washington.

When Miami recovers, it will have to play 57 games in 56 days, many recoverable in days where two consecutive games can be organized, but the risk that you will not play a full 60-game season is there. Just as there could be for the other four teams that have not played these days.

Baltimore and Yankees will play two games this week so as not to get too far behind. The challenge of restarting MLB is now getting bigger.