Back injuries in Major League Baseball

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Back injuries in Major League Baseball

The 2021 Major League Baseball season will open on April 1 and end on October 3, 2021. The 91st All-Star Game will take place on July 13 at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The regular season will be followed by the 2021 World Series, scheduled between October 26 and November 3.

It will be the last season that the Cleveland team will play under the Indians moniker, after years of name controversy. On February 9, the MLB, in agreement with the MLBPA, announced changes to the rules that will be introduced this season.

When two teams face each other twice on the same day, seven innings will be played instead of the usual nine. For innings after the ninth, the offensive team will have a player on second base at the start of each half inning.

Due to travel restrictions on the US-Canada borders, the Toronto Blue Jays will play their first games of the season at the TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida. Most franchises have announced limited stadium opening to the public; on March 11, the Texas Rangers announced the complete opening of Globe Life Field providing for the maintenance of the distance between spectators and the obligation to wear masks.

Back injuries in Major League Baseball

An article entitled Back injuries in Major League Baseball, published in 2020 in The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness, studied the incidence and severity of certain types of back injuries in some MLB players.

Below an abstract: "Background: There is a scarcity of epidemiological studies on back injuries in Major League Baseball (MLB). In our study, we explore all back related injuries in the MLB from 2010 to 2016 (inclusive) in an aim to help better understand these injuries, assess their risks, and improve their prevention policies.

Methods: The transaction lists from the MLB website were screened for back injuries from 2010 THROUGH 2016. Only players who were placed on the disabled list (DL) for one or more days due to back-related injury were included in our study.

Our database included the player's position, team, injury location, injury type, days spent on the DL and month of injury occurrence. Results: 254 back injuries, an equivalent of 7% of all injuries, were recorded between 2010 and 2016 (inclusive).

These injuries increased from 2010 to 2016. Back related injuries were found to place players on the disabled list for around 54 days. Injuries were recorded mostly during April, and strain was significantly greater than any other type of injury (P value <0.001).

Conclusions: Back injuries are prevalent in the MLB. Better understanding of the trends and patterns of these injuries will help in establishing better prevention policies."