Miami Marlins still in troubles

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Miami Marlins still in troubles

Positives at Covid-19 between Miami Marlins players and staff reaches 17 people and the Major League Baseball notes that there is a team that cannot compete in these conditions. All Marlins matches until Sunday are postponed.

In the hope that a week will be enough to regroup, bring in some players or find replacements. Consequently, the schedule of four other teams also changes: New York Yankees, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Nationals Washington.

When Miami recovers, it will have to play 57 games in 56 days, many recoverable in days where two consecutive games can be organized, but the risk that you will not play a full 60-game season is there. Just as there could be for the other four teams that have not played these days.

Baltimore and Yankees will play two games this week so as not to get too far behind. The challenge of restarting MLB is now getting bigger. In baseball there is not a bubble in which everyone can lock themselves up, continuous travel is a risk factor.

Commissioner Bob Manfred remains convinced that the season can continue and calls for compliance with the protocols. The rules serve this purpose, to prevent and deal with positivity cases.

New security protocols?

In the whole league there are so far a hundred, but they represent 0.3% of the checks carried out.

In these terms, according to Manfred the situation is worrying but it is not a disaster. This season will be a tough physical and mental test for everyone. The key is the ability to adapt This makes it clear to Aaron Boone, the manager (who is the baseball coach) of the New York Yankees.

The two games scheduled in Philadelphia have been postponed and two games have been organized on Wednesday and Thursday against Baltimore so as not to waste days. Boone said: “We must always be prepared to face the verses.

We know that they will arrive in this 2020 and it is something that we have never experienced before. There will be critical moments. If we want to be successful on the baseball field this season we have to be able to tackle the most difficult balls that fate will throw at us every day and every week."

Off the field but also on the field. See the brawl touched between Astros and the Dodgers, game of the revenge of the World Series of 2017 that the Dodgers won by 5 to 2. Better to avoid, just as it would be better to avoid some not too spaced exultation.

On the fields in any case, there are real matches, the players are involved. baseball offers exciting moments, the show is not lacking. In the end, the antidote for doubts and uncertainty of the moment is precisely the game itself.