Aaron Judge's Coach Blasts Yankees in Fiery Remark

Aaron Judge shines as Yankees face developmental woes

by Nouman Rasool
Aaron Judge's Coach Blasts Yankees in Fiery Remark
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In a dire stretch for the New York Yankees when they dropped three in a row, eight of their last 10 and 13 out of their past 18 games, it turned suddenly to an inadvertently record-setting performance by Aaron Judge. Ample background on what this story's about, how the Yankees are no longer kings of all they survey now that a good chunk of their first 34 games came against four inferior teams in similarly poor standings and five senselessly winnable blanks offensively deprive them an opportunity to celebrate another Aroldis Chapman save.

Although the team has been terrible, Judge still remains crazy with a.318 with 32 HR and drove in a career-best 83 runs. While watching a game at home against the Cincinnati Reds, there was an interesting stat noted by the broadcasters to illustrate how monumental Judge has been: wins versus losses when Judge plays.

But during this statistical disclosure, Judge's private hitting coach briefly questioned the developmental strategies of both Judge and Yankees. They’ve gone 13-18 with him hitting like an MVP, Schenck said in response to X.

The Yankees are awful at offense player development. Judge's efforts are mostly wasted with such a tone-pointed criticism - and not solely on the field, but within the orgtanization itself.

Yankees' Development Woes

The remark by Schenck highlights a bigger worry about the performance of training and development programs offered by Yankees.

The more Judge prevails now with 15 hits, four homers and a whopping 13 RBIs over his last ten games the louder the anger from his coach bubbles to the surface, sounding less like this true sentiment of maybe one end contributing too brightly while everything else burns off.

As Judge continues to put up monster numbers, the discussion of him winning an AL MVP grows louder. But his coaches are clearly not happy and that gap between individual performances and team progression is apparent. Schenck seems to have resonated with the fan base, which is saying a lot given how frustrated fans are about this team's performance.

The disappointment only further emboldened the anger, as established stars like Juan Soto and Judge have had strong seasons while most of those around them in the lineup (to say nothing about that bullpen) just haven't measured up to what's been expected.