Houston Astros Eye Key Positions Ahead of MLB Trade Deadline

Houston Astros face crucial decisions as the trade deadline looms

by Nouman Rasool
Houston Astros Eye Key Positions Ahead of MLB Trade Deadline
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The Houston Astros are only 27-34 and have been in the loss column for most of the games lately, going 4-6 in the last ten. However, despite all these, the team is determined to push for the postseason.The Astros find themselves seven games out of first place in the American League West and also in the Wild Card race.

As July winds close, this is crunch time for the front office. General Manager Dana Brown recently went on record saying that selling off assets is not something he's planning on doing. Quite imaginable is the belief that this season, the Astros can eventually win a playoff spot.

This campaign has been disappointing for the team, but one should not forget the team's championship pedigree and dominance in baseball over the past decade. Until they are officially eliminated, there remains a glimmer of hope for a postseason berth.

Bowden's Optimism

Jim Bowden of The Athletic is just as hopeful, though he quickly cited the need for their starting pitchers to find the will and way. "The Astros have been the most disappointing team in MLB, and their streak of seven consecutive postseason appearances is at risk.

But I still believe in this team, as long as it can get the starting pitching figured out," Bowden said. The beginning of business is shoring up the rotation, and if Houston is a buying team, then getting that reliable starting pitcher at the deadline becomes needed.

Bowden even went further to say the Astros are targeting three critical positions for improvement: a starting pitcher, a first base bat, and a reliever. "This year, they're going to have to trade their way to the playoffs, especially in the starting pitching department," he added.

Offensively, first baseman Jose Abreu has been struggling. Back up for good since May 27, Abreu has collected just three hits in 16 at-bats and one home run over the weekend since his return to the club. His numbers this season haven't been so cool either, coming into today with a triple-slash line of .115/.170/.161 in 87 at-bats.

Furthermore, the bullpen needs reinforcement as they lost Ryne Stanek, Hector Neris, and Phil Maton during the winter so, though they added Josh Hader, his acquisition already neutralized giving up three critical relievers.The lack of suitable replacements has been evident, and the Astros are now dealing with the consequences.

In a season filled with uncertainties, the Astros' path forward is challenging to predict. However, if they maintain belief in their postseason chances, expect significant moves at the trade deadline to bolster their roster.

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