MLB Fans React as Trevor Bauer Comments on Ben Verlander's Post About Ippei Mizuhara

Controversial pitcher Bauer sparks fresh debate on social media.

by Abdullah Magsi
MLB Fans React as Trevor Bauer Comments on Ben Verlander's Post About Ippei Mizuhara
© Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer, the former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, continues his efforts to return to Major League Baseball, maintaining an active presence on social media where he shares updates from his current stint with Mexico’s Diablos Rojos.

Despite showcasing his skills on the mound, Bauer’s path back to the majors remains controversial. Recently, Bauer responded to a social media post by sports analyst Ben Verlander, which discussed the closure of an investigation involving Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara.

Verlander, who posted about Mizuhara's guilty plea on X (formerly Twitter), prompted Bauer to question his own unresolved situation. Bauer wrote, “What about my case, where I also was never charged with anything, and where I’m also the victim of fraud? Why am I not allowed to go back to playing?” This post quickly caught the attention of MLB fans, leading to a flood of reactions that highlighted the polarized views regarding Bauer’s potential MLB reinstatement.

Some fans expressed skepticism about his return due to off-field controversies. One fan pointedly commented, “Face it, Trevor. You come with a lot of baggage. Is your talent enough to put up with the baggage? So far the answer is no”.

Others, however, argued in his favor, with one supporter stating, “It’s ridiculous you aren’t back in the league… yet”.

Economic Debate Intensifies

The debate also touched on the economic aspects of Bauer's potential return.

A fan noted, “A Cy winner still in his prime wanting only minimum wage when other pitchers are making $20m plus per year. Nothing to do with some baggage. He's being blackballed by the league. But he will probably never be able to prove it”.

At 33, Bauer remains a contentious figure. His agent, Rachel Luba, has been vocally supportive, helping him navigate the complexities of his career amidst the ongoing public and professional scrutiny. While Bauer showcases his capabilities in Mexico, the response from MLB teams has been tepid, with no clear reasons disclosed for their reluctance to sign him.

As Bauer pitches for Diablos Rojos, his aspirations to return to the MLB hang in the balance. Without any existing criminal charges against him, the situation remains a complex intersection of legal issues, public perception, and professional sports politics.

Whether he will make his way back to the major leagues continues to be a topic of intense debate among fans and commentators alike.