Astros Eyeing Marlins’ Tanner Scott to Bolster Bullpen

Intriguing trade discussions underway in MLB

by Abdullah Magsi
Astros Eyeing Marlins’ Tanner Scott to Bolster Bullpen
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At one point, the Houston Astros' season seemed lost, plagued by poor performance. However, playing in the weak AL West keeps their hopes alive despite being seven games under .500. The Astros' major issue is their bullpen, ranking fifth-worst in ERA, ahead of only a few struggling teams.

The problem isn't talent but depth. To address this, Houston could target the Marlins' closer amid Miami's apparent player fire sale to bolster their bullpen. Houston Astros' star closer, Josh Hader, is widely regarded as one of the best left-handed relievers in baseball.

Now, the team has an opportunity to add another top-tier lefty reliever, Tanner Scott of the Miami Marlins, to their bullpen. The prospect of having both Hader and Scott on the same team is tantalizing for Astros fans and management alike.

The Astros have a chance to make this dream a reality if they act quickly. The Marlins have already shown a willingness to trade early, having recently moved Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres. Acquiring Tanner Scott would not be overly complicated; it would likely involve parting with a couple of mid-range pitching prospects in exchange for half a season of one of the league's premier southpaw closers.

Astros Trade Proposal

This proposed trade suggests the Astros would send their sixth and 16th-ranked prospects, Zach Cole, and Andrew Taylor, to Miami in exchange for Scott. Cole, who is currently playing in Double-A, is nearly MLB-ready.

At 23 years old, he has been performing impressively, with a slash line of .288/.382/.458 across all levels this season, despite being in a relatively weak Astros farm system. On the other hand, Taylor is a fastball-dominant pitcher who needs to refine his pitching skills as he progresses through the minor leagues.

His fastball is his primary weapon, but developing a true out pitch could significantly enhance his effectiveness. For Houston, this trade would solidify the back end of their bullpen, providing a reliable arm for high-pressure situations.

The Astros need better bullpen depth, and adding Tanner Scott would be a significant upgrade. By acting swiftly, they could secure Scott before other teams make more attractive offers to the Marlins. In short, this trade could be a game-changer for the Astros, potentially transforming their bullpen into one of the most formidable in the league.