Wander Franco's Leave Extended to July 14 by MLB

MLB extends Franco's administrative leave amid ongoing investigations

by Nouman Rasool
Wander Franco's Leave Extended to July 14 by MLB
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NEW YORK (AP) Major League Baseball and the players' association have extended Wander Franco's administrative leave through July 14. Tampa Bay's all-star shortstop has been on the sidelines since August 12 as Major League Baseball investigates allegations dealing with a minor.

Administrative leave under this policy is not considered discipline under the Major League Baseball joint policy on domestic violence, sensual assault, and child abuse. A player placed on administrative leave shall continue to be paid.

Franco, earning $2 million this year, has stayed in his native Dominican Republic where local authorities are also conducting their investigation.

Restricted List Timeline

Franco was initially placed on the restricted list on August 14 after social media posts suggested he was in a relationship with a minor.

MLB launched an investigation soon after, moving Franco to administrative leave on August 22. He remained on leave for the rest of the season, with no leave during the offseason. His leave resumed on opening day as part of an agreement extending through June 1.

The MLB is expected to wait for the resolution of the Dominican investigation before taking any disciplinary measures. First of all, Franco was charged with commercial and sensual exploitation and money laundering crimes that could cost him 20 years of jail term.

But after a judge resolution obtained by the AP in January, his crimes are now alleged to concern sensual and psychological abuse, which might see him jailed for between two and five years if found guilty. Franco turned 23 on March 1, making this his third major league season before his career was rudely interrupted.

He is batting at .281 with 17 home runs, 58 runs batted in, and 30 stolen bases in 40 attempts in 112 games. Last November, Ray signed an 11-year, $182 million contract. The MLB community, with bated breath, waits to ascertain what direction Franco's future in the league will go, a result awaited by both the Dominican Republic and that part of the world that is MLB.