Mets DFA Jorge Lopez After Glove Throwing Incident, Pitcher Calls Team Worst in MLB

Mets address internal issues following Lopez's glove-throwing incident

by Zain ul Abedin
Mets DFA Jorge Lopez After Glove Throwing Incident, Pitcher Calls Team Worst in MLB
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Jorge Lopez's short career with the Mets ended on Wednesday afternoon when the righty was ejected for his squabble with third-base umpire Roman de Jesus over a call on the check swing as New York fell to Los Angeles, 10-3.

That was it, frustration boiling over: In an angry outburst, frustration burst into the stands. Lopez threw his baseball glove in anger, but it landed harmlessly in the lap of a fan in Yankees apparel. The last miscue did come in the eighth to cap off the horrible day: a fielding error on a pick-off attempt for Lopez, followed up by a two-run double, and then a two-run home run.

Lopez, clearly upset, began walking off the field with his jersey already untucked, and then launched his glove over the protective netting. The Mets didn't take long to react to the outburst, designating Lopez for assignment in the hours following the game.

The move was based not just on his shenanigans on the mound but his comments after the game. Asked if he regrets throwing his glove, Lopez said, "I do not regret it," he said, "I am ready to come back tomorrow if they want me here.

So I will be here".

Lopez DFA Fallout

The Mets have designated Lopez for assignment, though he was about to be available to pitch within days. Other organizations have a week to take him off the waiver list. If not claimed, the Mets must waive him to send him to the minors.

He has the right to refuse the assignment outright. "This is something that needs to be addressed internally," said Mets manager Carlos Mendoza. "Whenever you go into a stretch like this, you're going to see some emotions from players," Mendoza said.

"But what we saw today out of Lopez, that's not acceptable. We will address that internally here." A report from SNY's Steve Gelbs suggested Lopez called his team the "worst team in the whole MLB”. However, reporter Manny Gomez, a native Spanish speaker, argued that Lopez’s words were misinterpreted.

According to Gomez, Lopez meant to say that his actions made him look like "the worst teammate probably in the whole MLB." When asked to clarify, Lopez appeared to stand by his original comment, further complicating the situation.

"Yeah, probably. It looked like," Lopez said, admitting the team was embarrassed by his actions.'s Anthony DiComo reported that the Mets' decision to DFA Lopez was based on his conduct, including the glove-throwing incident, lying about meeting with the team, and his lack of remorse.

Despite the turmoil, fellow Mets reliever Adam Ottavino expressed support for Lopez, acknowledging that everyone goes through difficult moments. "Deep down he knows he shouldn’t have done that, obviously," Ottavino said.

"We’ll talk. Everybody is going through stuff. He is going to answer the way he wants to answer. Would I do it? No. But he’s part of the team we are going to support him and figure it out either way." Lopez, who posted a 3.76 ERA in 28 appearances this season, now faces an uncertain future with the Mets.

Being designated for assignment (DFA) means Lopez is removed from the team's 40-man roster. Within seven days, he can be claimed by another team, traded, or, if he clears waivers, assigned to the minor leagues or released.