Still problems for Major League Baseball!

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Still problems for Major League Baseball!

Still problems for Major League Baseball. Two matches have been postponed for a Covid-19 outbreak that is affecting Miami Marlins players and staff. The news is a shock in the USA because the baseball championship was resumed on Thursday 23 July.

Anyway the Major League Baseball season however will continue. The virus has spread among Miami players and staff: rumors say at least 13 people, so the game between Miami and Baltimore has been postponed. The Marlins had played and won 11 to 6 in Philadelphia on Sunday, when the first four positive cases were revealed.

Positive players had been excluded, but the game was still played. Miami was then expected to return from their trip to play against Baltimore in their home stadium, but 9 other cases were discovered. The team thus remained in quarantine in Philadelphia.

The match between Philadelphia and New York Yankees was also postponed because the Yankees, the visiting team, would have had to use the same locker room in Miami. Investigations are underway on all those who have come in contact with Miami players and staff.

However, the MLB confirms that the season continues and that anti-Covid protocols will be strengthened on and off the field. Miami is meanwhile looking for new players on the market.

Yankees beat Nationals in the Opening Day, but ..

Finally the Major League Baseball season has started.

The extremely hot match between Washington Nationals, defending champion, and New York Yenkees, was affected by bad weather conditions and a two-hour delay. Yankees took the matchup vs. the Nationals 4-1, but it was a weather-shortened game, called in the top of the sixth inning after a two-hour rain delay.

Meanwhile Nationals champion outfielder Juan Soto tested positive to Covid-19, earlier in the Opening Day. A very special season. The first launch of the Major League Baseball season is traditionally assigned to an illustrious personality, starting with the presidents.

This year, honor went to Anthony Fauci, a member of the American anti-Covid-19 task force. The American virologist kicked off the match between the Nationals and Yankees, wearing the uniform of Washington. The result of its launch, however, was not the best.

USA wants to start again: United States will find a strong reason to get excited in the game of tradition. Major League baseball is ready to start again, with the Washington Nationals as defending champion, after the crazy final won against Houston in 2019.

The season that has not resumed in the spring in the year of Covid, will now have a compressed championship in just over 3 months, with a regular season of 60 matches, with playoffs that confirm the 10-team format. The world will return to see the best players and the most loved teams in action.

It will be played in facilities without crowds, with rules that must guarantee the safety of players and staff. Each team will have its own stadium, except Toronto to avoid crossing the Canadian border and facing more complicated situations to manage.

The schedule has been designed to allow teams to make minimal trips to nearby cities. Each team will have its bubble, safety is an obligation, the show is however a certainty.