MLB Star's Succinct Reaction to Olivia Dunne's SI Feature

LSU stars find love amid shared athletic triumphs.

by Faizan Chaudhary
MLB Star's Succinct Reaction to Olivia Dunne's SI Feature
© Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Olivia Dunne's boyfriend, Paul Skenes, had a succinct but powerful reaction to her latest Sports Illustrated S---suit photoshoot, simply saying, "Damn." This response encapsulates the MLB star's admiration for Dunne, who has now featured in the iconic magazine for the second consecutive year.

The LSU gymnast first graced the pages of Sports Illustrated's s---suit edition last year, describing the opportunity as a "dream come true." Known for her significant influence, Dunne noted, "There’s a lot of young girls who look up to me, and I feel like a lot of young girls also follow Sports Illustrated.

So, both of our brands, I think, align because we both want to inspire the younger generation." Earlier this week, Dunne attended a red-carpet event celebrating her return to the magazine. When asked about her boyfriend's thoughts on the photoshoot, she revealed that Skenes was almost lost for words by the stunning visuals.

Champions in Love

The couple, who both attended LSU and have been celebrated as national champions in their respective sports, started dating last year, finding a unique connection in their shared experiences and achievements.

Skenes, who led his team to victory in last year's College World Series, was subsequently selected as the first overall pick in the MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has quickly ascended the ranks in professional baseball, impressing with a 2.25 ERA across three starts this season, including a near no-hitter against the Chicago Cubs.

Dunne's popularity has soared to such heights that it has significantly impacted her life and LSU's gymnastics program. With millions of followers on social media, the university has had to enhance security at events, and Dunne has been compelled to take classes remotely.

Her influence and status were underlined earlier this year when she and her teammates clinched the national championship in gymnastics. As both Dunne and Skenes continue to excel in their fields, they remain symbols of excellence and role models for the younger generation, drawing inspiration and admiration from fans across the country.