Former Phillies Star Chase Utley Teases MLB Comeback

Chase Utley teases potential return to Major League Baseball

by Zain ul Abedin
Former Phillies Star Chase Utley Teases MLB Comeback
© Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Just the name is needed: Chase Utley, and Philadelphia Phillies fans will remember the underrated superstar from the mid-2000s. He was a vital part of the team that led the Phillies to their second World Series championship in 2008.

Not only did he characterize one of Phillies baseball eras, but also he emerged as one of the most. For those who need a reminder of how amazing his career just was, Utley will remain the all-time leader of Phillies second basemen in nearly every major statistical category.

His contributions to this club and this sport will never be forgotten, as he is bound to go down in history as a difference maker. Recently, he was back in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park to promote the upcoming London Series, which really got me intrigued about his plans for the future.

Could we see Utley working for an MLB team in some capacity down the line?

Possible MLB Return

In a recent interview with Destiny Lugardo from Phillies Nation, Utley hinted that he might make a return to the big leagues.

Since retiring in 2018, he has stepped into broadcast roles and worked within the Los Angeles Dodgers front office. Most recently, in 2022, he has been serving as an MLB ambassador to Europe, living in London with his entire family.

Would he envision himself at some point taking on a bigger role in baseball if the right opportunity presented itself? "Nothing's really been ruled out, to be honest," Utley said. “I love the game. I’d like to stay involved.

The one thing that I want is to make my own schedule, which I think I’ve earned that right. To stay involved at the major league level, it’s something that I’m interested in”. With his high baseball IQ and the savvy he displayed with both bat and glove, Utley would no doubt make an excellent manager.

As a father of two young boys, though, he simply doesn't seem to want to invest that kind of time commitment at this stage of his life. "To be good at it, it consumes a lot of your time," Utley said of managing. "Raising two young boys, I'm not quite ready for [managing just yet].

Let's talk in like, 10 years." While fans may need to wait a decade to see Utley back in MLB in a significant role, the prospect of his return is already exciting. Having one of the game's best minds back in any capacity will be a win for both Utley and the baseball community.