Fans Slam Trevor Bauer's Claim No Team Has 3 Better Starters

Former MLB star faces hurdles in professional comeback bid.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Fans Slam Trevor Bauer's Claim No Team Has 3 Better Starters
© Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer, the controversial former MLB pitcher, recently sparked a heated debate across social media with his bold assertion about his unutilized talents. Bauer, who last pitched in the MLB three years ago, claimed on X (formerly Twitter) that he remains a top-tier talent, ostensibly more capable than the majority of current starting pitchers in the league.

"There's not a single MLB team out there that has three starters better than me," Bauer stated emphatically. "Let alone five. And I'm as cheap or cheaper than any of them since I'm willing to play for the minimum."

Bauer's Comeback Thwarted

His remarks come amid his attempts to re-enter the major leagues, following stints in Japan and Mexico.

Despite garnering support from various players, coaches, and fans, Bauer lamented the consistent rejections he faced, hinting at a possible conspiracy among team owners. "Every time they go to the owner to sign me they're told no.

Makes you wonder who is telling all the owners not to sign me," he added. However, the response from the baseball community has been largely critical. Fans on X quickly dismissed his claims, citing both his prolonged absence from the MLB and the off-field controversies that have marred his career.

Comments ranged from skeptical to outright dismissive, with one user stating, "That's a damn lie... You may be cheaper, but the baggage that you bring ain't worth it." Others questioned what the owners might know or have seen that prevents them from taking a chance on him.

Despite the backlash, Bauer has not shied away from proving his capabilities. He recently pitched three scoreless innings in an exhibition game with the Diablos of the Mexican Baseball League against the New York Yankees. Although the Yankees didn't field all their top players, notable MLB sluggers like Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Trevino participated, giving Bauer a platform to showcase his skills.

As the regular season approaches, it remains uncertain whether Bauer’s efforts will sway any MLB teams to reconsider his potential addition to their rosters. The public's and owners' skepticism seems to overshadow his on-field performances, making his MLB comeback a challenging pursuit fraught with public scrutiny and professional hurdles.