MLB Insider Lauds Anthony Volpe's Stellar Second-Year Growth with Yankees

Yankees' Anthony Volpe showcases significant improvements in 2024

by Zain ul Abedin
MLB Insider Lauds Anthony Volpe's Stellar Second-Year Growth with Yankees
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Anthony Volpe has turned into a different guy at the plate this season for the New York Yankees, entering his sophomore year after being one of the most heralded prospects in camp. It was a rookie year filled with flash and brilliance, but it was just not meeting expectations.

Jon Morosi, one of the most respected MLB analysts, recently highlighted the key position that Volpe plays for the Yankees in their lineup. "It really starts with Volpe in so many ways," Morosi noted. Following a recent game, star Juan Soto even compared Volpe's potential to that of Trea Turner, commenting, "Volpe can be a great leadoff hitter." Such commendation from Soto highlights the impact and improvement of Volpe’s performance.

Volpe's Statistic Surge

Statistically, Volpe has made remarkable progress. His wRC+ has gone from 84 to 116, pointing toward more potent offensive output. He has brought his strikeout rate down from 27.8% to 21.1% and has improved his walk rate from 8.7% to 11.4%.

These improvements are crucial, especially considering he often sets the stage for heavy hitters like Juan Soto and Aaron Judge. Volpe’s batting average has surged by 43 points, his on-base percentage by 65 points, and he maintains a consistent slugging percentage, indicating sustained power hitting.

Additionally, his baserunning remains strong, and defensively, he continues to shine. With 4 Defensive Runs Saved in just 330 innings this year, he is on a pace to surpass his Gold Glove-winning performance from last year. The big year the young shortstop is putting together in 2024 has, therefore, reinstated an anticipation for the shortstop position in the Bronx that has not been there since Derek Jeter.

As Anthony Volpe is emerging to rise in the stratosphere of his MLB career, his development all around in his second season might be key for the Yankees in the success this year. Stay tuned on for live updates of MLB news