Did you know? Phillies Remain Cautious Despite MLB's Best Start!

Phillies Manager's Cautionary Words Amidst MLB Triumph

by Nouman Rasool
Did you know? Phillies Remain Cautious Despite MLB's Best Start!
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Best in Major League Baseball by percentage points at 26-12, the Philadelphia Phillies took a breath on day 43 of what seems like an interminable season. Now in its seventh week, the marathon will not pause for anything as the Phillies head on the road again, this time in Miami against the Marlins at loan Depot Park.

The Phillies find themselves in a position as envious as their summer view with spring training fulfilled, doing just what every club wants, which is getting out to a blistering start. Manager Rob Thomson in his remarks after Saturday night's blowout victory over the Giants probably caused the most eyebrows to rise.

In something of an aside, he pointed out that the Phillies "have got to stay humble and keep pushing. "That has to be the way we approach every day," Thomson went on, really driving home the idea that this is a collective thing.

A few hours before a 5-3 loss to the Blue Jays, which snapped a seven-game winning streak at Citizens Bank Park, Thomson was asked about the overconfidence factor. He replied in the affirmative, then added that it always hangs in the background there.

"Absolutely," Thomson replied. "This game will humble you in a hurry if you think you're better than what you really are."

Thomson's Cautionary Reminder

The Phillies are in a position of strength, but Thomson's words of caution remind how capricious professional sports can be.

But such a talented squad stays aware of the all-too-necessary quality of humility, keeping in mind that their noses are to the grindstone. In Major League Baseball, playing fields are very competitive, with the ups and downs of the game known to come at any second.

The Phillies understand that it's one thing to get to the top but entirely a different matter to stay there. Through the growing pains of a grueling season, they continue steadfast in their belief and pursuit of consistent excellence, whether for themselves or the team.

As all the spotlight of the league is directed towards them, the Phillies know the expectations placed on them. However, they know baseball success is not just the capacity to play but also equally about attitude and persistence in life.

Be it as it may, at least for this time, as they move forward to the next innings of their journey, the Phillies have come to decide that it is best to stand by their doctrines and live each game down with humility, as warriors. And that a thin line which separates them from a trophy could surely come from hard work, discipline, and self-belief.