MLB Fans Mock Zach Edey's First Pitch Blunder at Cubs Game

MLB Fans Mock Zach Cubs Triumph Amid Mishap

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Fans Mock Zach Edey's First Pitch Blunder at Cubs Game
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Zach Edey, the towering Purdue Boilermakers sensation and projected NBA lottery pick, experienced an unforgettable moment, albeit for all the wrong reasons, when he took the mound for the ceremonial first pitch at a recent Chicago Cubs game.

Despite his impressive stature and previous baseball experience, Edey's pitch wildly missed its mark, joining the ranks of memorable celebrity pitching gaffes. Once a high school pitcher, Edey's transition to basketball full-time seems to have left his baseball skills a bit rusty.

This mishap, occurring about five years after he last played baseball seriously, quickly became fodder for social media jests. "Wasn’t bro a pitcher in high school?" quipped one Instagram user, capturing the collective disbelief.

Another commented, "I can see why he stopped playing baseball," pointing out the ironic twist to Edey's athletic career. While Edey's pitch may have strayed from its target, his basketball credentials are firmly on point. Leading the Boilermakers to the National Title game in April, Edey averaged an impressive 25.2 points and 12.2 rebounds over the season.

Yet, even these remarkable stats couldn't shield him from playful jabs after the pitch.

Cubs Triumph Amid Mishap

The Cubs, unfazed by the pre-game entertainment, continued their strong season performance with a 3-2 victory over the San Diego Padres.

Cody Bellinger, returning from the injured list, marked the occasion with a home run and a total of three hits, highlighting a successful night for the team. Reflecting on what might have been, Edey's past in baseball paints a picture of a different potential career path.

Eric Stickney, a former coach, recalled Edey's profound love for the game, noting that even in his younger years, Edey's formidable presence raised concerns for player safety. "It was definitely like a safety concern when he played," Stickney remarked.

"You would really worry about the safety of the other team's pitcher if he was able to get ahold of one and hit a line drive." The transition from potential baseball prodigy to basketball star might have been spurred by such safety concerns, as well as the unique opportunities basketball presented.

As Edey prepares for his NBA debut, his brief return to the baseball diamond remains a humorous footnote to an otherwise stellar athletic journey.