Astros' Top 3 Early-Season Trades After 2024 MLB Disastrous Start

Padres' Ha-Seong Kim emerges as key trade target.

by Nouman Rasool
Astros' Top 3 Early-Season Trades After 2024 MLB Disastrous Start
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As the 2024 MLB season progresses, the Houston Astros find themselves in a precarious position. Following a demoralizing defeat to the New York Yankees this past Tuesday, the team's record plummeted to 12-23, solidifying their position at the bottom of the AL West standings.

For a franchise accustomed to competing in the ALCS for seven consecutive years, the urgency to rectify their course is palpable, and time is of the essence. With the trade deadline on the horizon, the Astros may need to act sooner rather than later if they hope to remain contenders.

Given the current trajectory, significant roster changes appear inevitable. Here are three strategic trades that could potentially rejuvenate the struggling team: The Mets, hovering at a .500 mark (18-18), may not keep up with division leaders like the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves, making them potential sellers as the season advances.

Pete Alonso, facing free agency, emerges as a prime target for the Astros. With Jose Abreu underperforming to the tune of a -1.2 fWAR, Alonso’s track record suggests he could provide a substantial upgrade at first base, despite his current struggles.

Kim Bolsters Astros' Infield

Ha-Seong Kim, another impending free agent, could soon be available as the Padres look to rebuild for future contention. Kim’s versatility would be a boon for Houston, offering defensive skills at third base, shortstop, and second base.

With Alex Bregman also faltering in his contract year, Kim’s solid bat and defensive prowess could fortify the Astros' infield significantly. The starting rotation in Houston has left much to be desired, and acquiring Michael Kopech could be a shrewd move.

Despite his less-than-stellar statistics this season, Kopech’s potential is undeniable. The Astros could harness his capabilities effectively, much like they have with other talents in the past. With the Chicago White Sox in rebuild mode, a deal for Kopech could be attainable and beneficial.

As the Astros face this critical juncture, the front office must navigate the trade market astutely. Bringing in strategic reinforcements like Alonso, Kim, and Kopech could not only help salvage their season but also rekindle hopes for a postseason run. The clock is ticking for the Astros, and the decisions made in the coming weeks could define their 2024 campaign.

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