Brandon Marsh Picks Bandmates Mid-Game in Mic'd Up Session

Phillies extend winning streak, dominate NL West standings.

by Nouman Rasool
Brandon Marsh Picks Bandmates Mid-Game in Mic'd Up Session
© Harry How/Getty Images

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh showcased his charisma both on the field and behind the mic as the Phillies clinched a thrilling victory over the San Francisco Giants, extending their remarkable winning streak at Citizens Bank Park on Sunday.

During the third inning of the game against the Giants, Marsh was wired up, providing fans with an inside look into the players' banter on the field. When asked which teammates he'd recruit for a rock band, Marsh didn't hesitate, selecting left fielder Kyle Schwarber, catcher Garrett Stubbs, and centerfielder Christian Pache as his ideal bandmates.

Amidst catching a fly ball off Wilmer Flores, Marsh delivered his picks with effortless charm, even christening their hypothetical band with a playful tagline: "Stay loose, baby." Marsh's on-field performance mirrored his off-field charisma, as he continued his hitting streak, securing his 28th hit and 20th RBI in 106 at-bats, contributing to the Phillies' narrow 5-4 victory.

While Sunday's offensive display didn't replicate Saturday's explosive hitting, it was enough to secure the Phillies' fifth consecutive win and their ninth straight victory at home.

Phillies Dominate NL West

With the best record in baseball this season (24-11), the Phillies are firmly positioned atop the National League West.

The Atlanta Braves' recent series loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers only bolsters the Phillies' dominance in the division. Manager Rob Thomson attributed the team's success to their heightened awareness of previous slow starts, emphasizing the importance of finishing strong and maintaining player health.

Phillies' MVP Bryce Harper, ending a seven-game home run drought with a powerful three-run shot in the third inning, echoed Thomson's sentiments, highlighting the team's effective game plan against Giants pitcher Logan Webb.

Looking ahead, the Phillies aim to continue their winning ways, eyeing their fourth series sweep of the season as they face the Giants in the upcoming fourth game. Alec Bohm, currently boasting the longest hitting streak of the season, seeks to extend his impressive run, further solidifying the Phillies' position as contenders in the race for a playoff spot.

As the Phillies maintain their stronghold at home and atop the league standings, their unwavering determination and cohesive teamwork set them apart as formidable competitors in the quest for baseball glory.