Ex-Dodgers Pitcher Julio Urias Pleads No Contest, Receives Probation

Urias faces legal challenges amid a troubled off-season.

by Nouman Rasool
Ex-Dodgers Pitcher Julio Urias Pleads No Contest, Receives Probation
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Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias entered a no contest plea to a misdemeanor domestic battery charge stemming from an incident in September. The charge was related to allegations of domestic violence that occurred in a parking lot after a soccer match at BMO Stadium, as reported by Dodgers Nation.

Under the terms of the plea, the L.A. City Attorney's Office announced that Urias will be subject to 36 months of summary probation and 30 days of community service. He is also mandated to complete a 52-week domestic violence counseling program.

Additional stipulations include a contribution to a domestic violence fund, a prohibition on firearm possession, and adherence to a strict no-force or violence policy. Urias must also compensate the victim and abide by a protective order.

In a significant development, other misdemeanor charges against Urias were dismissed. These included another count of domestic battery and charges of spousal battery, false imprisonment, and assault.

Urias' Recurring Legal Issues

This is not Urias’ first encounter with allegations of this nature.

In early 2019, the MLB had previously suspended him for 15 days due to similar issues. This year’s incident had the potential to make Urias the first player to be suspended twice under the same MLB policy. The September arrest was prompted by a witness account of an altercation involving Urias and his wife.

According to reports, Urias allegedly forced his wife against a fence and was seen pulling her by the hair or shoulders. Despite these allegations, the attorney's office opted not to pursue felony charges, citing the absence of severe injuries or a significant criminal history.

Following an extensive three-month investigation, the case was forwarded to the L.A. District Attorney's Office in December with comprehensive findings but resulted in misdemeanor charges only. As the 2023 MLB season concluded, Urias' contract with the Dodgers ended, positioning him as a free agent.

With the legal issues now largely resolved, the MLB is anticipated to conclude its investigation, allowing Urias to potentially secure a new agreement in free agency.