Rod Black Cheers Son's First MLB Hit from Stands

Brewers' rookie Tyler Black shines in unexpected MLB debut

by Nouman Rasool
Rod Black Cheers Son's First MLB Hit from Stands
© John Fisher/Getty Images

Tyler Black, one of Milwaukee's brightest rising stars, finally made that thrilling Major League debut that all the friends and family back home could talk about around the dinner table. The Blacks were on the road to finishing up the rest of their vacation in Cancun but, in one quick change of heart, they sprinted to Wisconsin, stopping just long enough to watch the 23-year-old first-round pick from Stouffville, Ontario, realize his big-league dream.

Selected 33rd in the 2021 MLB Draft, Tyler was called up on a whim on the day of the game, without even being certain if he would play. But in the first inning, designated hitter Gary Sanchez got hurt, and Tyler got his chance.

He did not disappoint, hitting a long double to center field in his very first at bat. The chatter really came to life the following inning when the Milwaukee prospect sent a single through the hole. The moment played out from the stands as only a veteran play-by-play man of over 30 years could present, his father, Rod Black.

Rod Black's Emotional Call

Now a veteran of thousands of games in various sports Blue Jays, Raptors, and the CFL Rod called his son's hit as if he had never made a big call before, showing clear emotion in his voice, "There's a base hit for my boy, Tyler Black, 2-for-2.

There you go. Oh, there you go." The call-up couldn't come at a better time as Tyler had been awaited with AAA Nashville, batting .303 with five home runs and 18 RBI in just 25 games. The Brewers' first game with Tampa Bay, which they won, also saw a bench-clearing incident, with players and managers from both teams exchanging words.

Recalling his whirlwind introduction to the big leagues, Tyler described his debut as "crazy," telling Milwaukee reporters, "I didn't really feel my feet at all for three hours. I was fortunate to get in there. Obviously, Gary went down.

Don't like to see that. Couple guys told me before the game just be ready to go. I was lucky enough to get in there. I just slipped it on and told myself, 'Here we go.' Wouldn't have it any other way. Tyler Black's debut is not only for himself a highly anticipated event but also a very colorful page of a family characterized by first hits and great rejoicings on the sports field.